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Just caught LetusDirect on Twitter showing off an eBay seller ID just a few days old. Looks like Letus35 has finally opened up an eBay store and has some great 'No Reserve' auctions on many of their DSLR accessories including the popular Cage, ViewFinder, Rig, and other accessories. Let's hope this storefront grows to offer more excellent quality gear at auction prices (found here).

Screen shot 2011-09-14 at 8.38.54 PMScreen shot 2011-09-14 at 8.39.07 PMScreen shot 2011-09-14 at 8.38.22 PM
find-price-button Letus35 DSLR Cages, Rigs, ViewFinders, Adapters


Yes, even high end view finders could fog up. Tested a few things, and this FOGTECH anti-fog liquid works great and is easy to apply. Just apply it with a wet pad and let it dry for 5 seconds. Makes a huge difference. A good thing to wipe on the GoPro HD Hero as well when working in humidity. Enjoy the tip, found below.

find-price-button FogTech Anti Fog Tech 30ml Bottle For Paintball Mask



(Above) Was my first image of my Canon T3i fitted with a Letus Hawk View Finder. Yes it fits quite nicely, and they make it in the proper aspect ratio for the 3:2 LCD screen. What I didn't have was the riser for a battery grip. Here's a gallery (below) from reader HD-Tography showing you the fit and the fashion of the Letus Hawk Aluminum ViewFinder, on the new Canon T3i, with Small Oval BlueStar EyePiece, on Gini Rails offset with a bit of Easom, with the cheap Shoulder Support. Sweet example of many of the items covered in this blog and  looks pretty solid.

[Ok guys, this is more of an example of the Letus Hawk ViewFinder with Battery grip riser adapter on T3i, so please don't start submitting your rigs. We'll save that for another time...]

Here's the direct links to the products if you have a Canon T3i with Battery grip and looking to rock the Letus Hawk VF too. If you have questions, you can always contact the support team @ LetusDirect.com

Letus Hawk DSLR Viewfinder - Aluminum 3:2 (with Canon T2i/550D Riser)

Shown beside the Universal Pro Mount (IMPORTANT: Low Profile Version for T3i Battery Grip)

Also shown is the Hawk Eye Cushion (Red micro fiber)

and the Letus Direct Lanyard


Letus-Hawk-T3i (3 of 10)
Canon T3i / 600D shown with Letus Hawk VF LCD View Finder

Letus created a Hawk VF (View Finder) for the 3:2 aspect DSLR LCD's like the T2i. It so happened to fit on the Canon 60D and fits pretty nicely on the Canon T3i as well. There's a base plate that is mounted to the bottom of the camera (still supports a tripod mount), and the Hawk VF View Finder is attached through a quick release system. It's a great semi-permanent way to attach a View Finder to the T3i without the use of sticky frames. For a closer look at how that all comes together, check out the video below.


Chris writes in about a Letus Hawk VF DSLR ViewFinder purchased not long ago, and then recently received the new Letus Hawk VF quick release adapter. The new quick release adapter was a great addition, making the Letus Hawk much more flexible to work with.

If you've made your purchase through LetusDirect.com for a Letus Hawk that did not come with the QR adapter, make sure to check in with Letus. It's supposed to be a free upgrade for LetusDirect.com customers that purchased a Hawk VF, but this offer may only be for a limited time. Here's the link to the LetusDirect.com website: https://www.letusdirect.com/cart/letus-hawk.html

Another bit of news in the rumor mill is that Letus is designing a Hawk VF for the Canon T2i LCD (which is the same for Canon 60D). I'm rocking the Letus Hawk VF on the Canon 60 now with just a bit of crop, which I don't mind.

find-price-button Letus Hawk VF DSLR ViewFinder


Above: Family Portrait from left to right
Canon 5D Mark II + 24-70mm F/2.8L, Canon 7D + 100mm F/2.8L Macro IS, Canon 60D + 85mm F/1.2L, Canon T2i + 24-105mm F/4L

My first video test out in the front driveway with the new Canon 60D. I was too lazy to do anything other than use a tripod, so the video is going to be quite boring. Lens was the Canon 24-70mm F/2.8 with Hoya ND4 + Fader Filter (stacked). Shot in 1080, dropped down to 720 and compressed to WMV (not the best example). I'll do something more interesting soon enough.

The Canon 60D is a new pup in the house, so she's been caged. LOL. Testing out some possible configurations with the Letus35 Letus Talon DSLR Camera Cage. I have the Hawk VF on the back which works with the cage, but I think it'll be better used with an external monitor. I have those new Power Arms mounted onto the many optional threaded holes around the cage with the Z96 LED Video light off center and a Rode Shotgun Mic (soon to be replaced). Those Power Arms Rock!! I'll do a video on those in a bit, gotta show you how they work.


The Zoom H4n is also thrown over the top. Having a DSLR cage is really handy when you have so many accessories to mount. If you start with a standard base Rod type rig, you'll still need different methods of mounting accessories. Using the cage method, you'll have more mounting spots that one would ever need. The Letus Talon DSLR Cage also has several optional accessories from Letus to further expand the cage including handles to be used like a fig rig. If you wanted to move into a Rod Rig, you can add standard Rods possibly for your follow focus, Matte box, and shoulder pad if you really wanted.



Available at BHPHOTOVIDEO.com:
Letus35 Talon K2
Letus35 Letus Hawk DSLR Viewfinder

Just about an hour ago, Letus drops in some new videos showcasing their solution for a Quick release adapter for the Letus Hawk VF. This new solution should be shipping later this month. Letus has always been associated with some very serious gear - check out the video above, who knew these guys were 'not so serious' with a great sense of humor?

Ok back to the new gear, the video below shows off the Letus Hawk VF Quick Release solution. This thing rocks. I like this alot and it's going to make using the Hawk VF much more versatile for Hybrid shooters of video and photography. This is going to be standard issue from here on out with the Hawk View Finders and compatible with all previous Letus Hawk VF's. Check in with Letus, inquire about a possible Free Upgrade for LetusDirect.com customers and solutions for previous customers who purchased before this release. Mention this blog and maybe they'll throw in some of those cool stickers. LOL

Check out the newest Aluminum version in the video below too. Wicked cool.

Available at BHPHOTOVIDEO.com:
Letus35 Talon K2
Letus35 Letus Hawk DSLR Viewfinder

Here's an older video about the Letus35 Letus Hawk DSLR Viewfinder and Letus Talon K2 rig. The video is really only 21 days old, but I heard a bit in the pipeline that there will be some additional gear available for the Hawk VF's to make them more modular with a quick release. So what you see in the video above will just get better.


Just a reminder for those who were really impressed about the Letus Hawk View Finder, but weren't keen on the Hawk VF Carbon Fiber design, the brand new Letus Hawk VF Aluminum version is estimated to be available in 3 days. All the gear they have available now will be compatible with the new gear you should be hearing about soon. Here's the link to the new Aluminum Version soon to be released: https://www.letusdirect.com/cart/letus-hawk-aluminum.html