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Letus Hawk on Canon my 60D / 85mm F/1.2L

Don't forget that periodically Letus auctions off a few items starting at low prices with no reserve if you want to try and grab either the Letus DSLR Cage, Talon Rig, or Hawk View Finder possibly for less than half the normal price. They don't always have auctions running all the time, but right now you can check out the latest Letus auctions at their eBay store (click here).

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Vimeo member Tom Guilmette has a video from Shane Hurlbut's Master Cinema Series launch party. The launch party in Los Angeles showcases the first three main rigs in the product line from a handheld cage, to shoulder rig, and larger eye-leveling studio setup. Definitely looked like tons of fun and even Freddie Wong made it out to the party. More information about the DSLR rigs and accessories in the product line can be found at the website https://mastercinemaseries.com


Shane Hurlbut ASC Master Cinema Series

There's no question that Shane Hurlbut ASC knows what it takes when working with DSLRs, so he's teamed up with Letus to design a new line of DSLR gear. Click the image (above) for a video trailer, and other information quoted below.

"Over the past 3 years, my team and I have shot 2 feature films, 20 shorts and over 100 commercials on the DSLR platform. This out of the box thinking was the result of collaborating with directors Scott Waugh and Mike McCoy on the feature project "Act of Valor". We used the Canon 5D to deliver an immersive, visceral, cinematic first person perspective that intercut seamlessly with film.

As a direct result of this exploration, Hien Tu Le, owner of the Letus Corporation and I have designed a groundbreaking new gear system with film production as it's benchmark. This form factor looks and feels like a motion picture capture device that morphs effortlessly between configurations."

More information about the Master Cinema Series gear should end up at https://mastercinemaseries.com.

Just caught LetusDirect on Twitter showing off an eBay seller ID just a few days old. Looks like Letus35 has finally opened up an eBay store and has some great 'No Reserve' auctions on many of their DSLR accessories including the popular Cage, ViewFinder, Rig, and other accessories. Let's hope this storefront grows to offer more excellent quality gear at auction prices (found here).

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find-price-button Letus35 DSLR Cages, Rigs, ViewFinders, Adapters