Letus Hawk VF, Talon Rig, DSLR Cage

Letus Hawk on Canon my 60D / 85mm F/1.2L

Don't forget that periodically Letus auctions off a few items starting at low prices with no reserve if you want to try and grab either the Letus DSLR Cage, Talon Rig, or Hawk View Finder possibly for less than half the normal price. They don't always have auctions running all the time, but right now you can check out the latest Letus auctions at their eBay store (click here).

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One thought on “Letus Hawk VF, Talon Rig, DSLR Cage

  1. Austin

    How do you think the shoulder rig and the gini rig compare to each other? Debating on getting a shoulder rig but I already have the cheap handsfree one, the cheesycam fig rig, and could use the money to get the konova slider instead.

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