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Letus Hawk on Canon my 60D / 85mm F/1.2L

Don't forget that periodically Letus auctions off a few items starting at low prices with no reserve if you want to try and grab either the Letus DSLR Cage, Talon Rig, or Hawk View Finder possibly for less than half the normal price. They don't always have auctions running all the time, but right now you can check out the latest Letus auctions at their eBay store (click here).

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Vimeo member Tom Guilmette has a video from Shane Hurlbut's Master Cinema Series launch party. The launch party in Los Angeles showcases the first three main rigs in the product line from a handheld cage, to shoulder rig, and larger eye-leveling studio setup. Definitely looked like tons of fun and even Freddie Wong made it out to the party. More information about the DSLR rigs and accessories in the product line can be found at the website https://mastercinemaseries.com

Just caught LetusDirect on Twitter showing off an eBay seller ID just a few days old. Looks like Letus35 has finally opened up an eBay store and has some great 'No Reserve' auctions on many of their DSLR accessories including the popular Cage, ViewFinder, Rig, and other accessories. Let's hope this storefront grows to offer more excellent quality gear at auction prices (found here).

Screen shot 2011-09-14 at 8.38.54 PMScreen shot 2011-09-14 at 8.39.07 PMScreen shot 2011-09-14 at 8.38.22 PM
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Canon-T3i_LetusCage-900LED (2)

Canon-T3i_LetusCage-900LED (1)

Because the 900 LED panels can be battery powered, it's fairly easy to use this as a portable On-Camera video light. Here it's shown mounted on the Letus DSLR Cage with Canon T3i + 18-55mm IS II lens. I'm just kidding..it's a joke people. Don't get too serious about this post. You all know I would never be seriously caught going out with this type of setup. I mean, who can take the 18-55mm stock lens seriously? LOL. Now to mount this to a shoulder rig...yeah..now we're talking.. (kidding guys..kidding)

900-500-LED (3)

900-500-LED (2)

900-500-LED (1)

A common question right now is, why the 900's? Well the 900's is a happy medium sitting right in between the 600 & 1200 LED lights. I can't complain since the 900's already push out twice the light as the older 500 LED panels. An upgrade is an upgrade. Also as seen in the images (above) I can fit (2) 900 LED light panels into standard sized Carry On luggage and room to spare for my power cords. The 500 LED panels were a bit beefier and would be impossible to fit two. You can check out more images and specs about these new LED light panels over at Amazon available for Prime - Click Here.

600 LED 900 1200 Video Light Panel
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If you've collected quite a bit of accessories to your DSLR and are now shopping for a DSLR cage, nobody makes a better one than Letus. You can see some of my images here: http://cheesycam.com/more-canon-60d-on-letus-gear/. The auction isn't mine BTW, mine is always in rotation...

Of course, it normally takes a good chunk of change to get into one, but maybe not today. A Letus DSLR Cage with a few extra parts retailing over $900 bucks is currently on auction. No bidders so far, and recently lowered pricing. Even the Buy It Now is crazy low. There's plenty of other inexpensive type cages you can use, but If you've been looking specifically for a Letus DSLR cage, this could be your lucky day.

If you happen to miss out on the Auction, here's where you can find them https://www.letusdirect.com/cart/cage/

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Above: Family Portrait from left to right
Canon 5D Mark II + 24-70mm F/2.8L, Canon 7D + 100mm F/2.8L Macro IS, Canon 60D + 85mm F/1.2L, Canon T2i + 24-105mm F/4L

My first video test out in the front driveway with the new Canon 60D. I was too lazy to do anything other than use a tripod, so the video is going to be quite boring. Lens was the Canon 24-70mm F/2.8 with Hoya ND4 + Fader Filter (stacked). Shot in 1080, dropped down to 720 and compressed to WMV (not the best example). I'll do something more interesting soon enough.

The Canon 60D is a new pup in the house, so she's been caged. LOL. Testing out some possible configurations with the Letus35 Letus Talon DSLR Camera Cage. I have the Hawk VF on the back which works with the cage, but I think it'll be better used with an external monitor. I have those new Power Arms mounted onto the many optional threaded holes around the cage with the Z96 LED Video light off center and a Rode Shotgun Mic (soon to be replaced). Those Power Arms Rock!! I'll do a video on those in a bit, gotta show you how they work.


The Zoom H4n is also thrown over the top. Having a DSLR cage is really handy when you have so many accessories to mount. If you start with a standard base Rod type rig, you'll still need different methods of mounting accessories. Using the cage method, you'll have more mounting spots that one would ever need. The Letus Talon DSLR Cage also has several optional accessories from Letus to further expand the cage including handles to be used like a fig rig. If you wanted to move into a Rod Rig, you can add standard Rods possibly for your follow focus, Matte box, and shoulder pad if you really wanted.