Letus DSLR Cage on Auction

If you've collected quite a bit of accessories to your DSLR and are now shopping for a DSLR cage, nobody makes a better one than Letus. You can see some of my images here: http://cheesycam.com/more-canon-60d-on-letus-gear/. The auction isn't mine BTW, mine is always in rotation...

Of course, it normally takes a good chunk of change to get into one, but maybe not today. A Letus DSLR Cage with a few extra parts retailing over $900 bucks is currently on auction. No bidders so far, and recently lowered pricing. Even the Buy It Now is crazy low. There's plenty of other inexpensive type cages you can use, but If you've been looking specifically for a Letus DSLR cage, this could be your lucky day.

If you happen to miss out on the Auction, here's where you can find them https://www.letusdirect.com/cart/cage/

find-price-button Letus DSLR Cage with Extension

One thought on “Letus DSLR Cage on Auction

  1. I have the Letus Hawk CF and it is great! We have the Zacuto Z-Finder Pro 2.5x where I work and the Letus is alot more solid. It also has some really nice glass compared to the others I have seen. The z-finder is mostly made of plastic and for the money the Letus Hawk is the one to pick. Oh, and the quick release is best one I have used.

    -Adrian Asbury

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