New On-Camera LED Lighting

Canon-T3i_LetusCage-900LED (2)

Canon-T3i_LetusCage-900LED (1)

Because the 900 LED panels can be battery powered, it's fairly easy to use this as a portable On-Camera video light. Here it's shown mounted on the Letus DSLR Cage with Canon T3i + 18-55mm IS II lens. I'm just's a joke people. Don't get too serious about this post. You all know I would never be seriously caught going out with this type of setup. I mean, who can take the 18-55mm stock lens seriously? LOL. Now to mount this to a shoulder we're talking.. (kidding guys..kidding)

900-500-LED (3)

900-500-LED (2)

900-500-LED (1)

A common question right now is, why the 900's? Well the 900's is a happy medium sitting right in between the 600 & 1200 LED lights. I can't complain since the 900's already push out twice the light as the older 500 LED panels. An upgrade is an upgrade. Also as seen in the images (above) I can fit (2) 900 LED light panels into standard sized Carry On luggage and room to spare for my power cords. The 500 LED panels were a bit beefier and would be impossible to fit two. You can check out more images and specs about these new LED light panels over at Amazon available for Prime - Click Here.

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26 thoughts on “New On-Camera LED Lighting

  1. Wil

    Just got a 600 from the camtree seller on ebay and the unit worked for 10secs before dying. Looks to be a pwr brick failure, will let you know what happens....

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  3. Garrick

    @g-dot i wanted the 17-55 just up to two weeks ago until i rented it for a performance, it feels a bit cheep for the price tag performs well though but a photographer friend that was at the event with me that has years experience was showing me his Tamron-17-50mm with Vibration compensation, he zoomed in all the way on a picture he took mins ago, so sharp, its also cheeper. I still want to research because he hes not into video at all, never know the Vibration compensation may look weird on pan shots.

  4. We're about to make the transition from 3-chip 1/3 Sony cameras to DSLRs for our video work and I'm looking into the available options. I was more or less settled on the 60D, because I don't like the controls of the Rebel series. Does the t3i have any audio advantage over the 60D? The solution I'm thinking for audio is getting either a Beachtek or a Juicelink box WITH XLR inputs, because I typically use both wireless and wired for each video, so I'll need to have to XLRs in.

  5. Ben Edwards

    LOL, if it was able to use a tripod I would imagine the worst place for a light would be next to the camera and it would be zillions of times better to mount it on a cheap lightweight stand somewhere better.

    And using it run and gun would be insane connected to camera, you would want to have a grip.

    Maybe this post should of been saved till the beginning of April;).


  6. Yeah, whatever. I was seriously considering putting the 500 LED light, the "old-style" on a Tiffen SteadyStick, wrapping it around my chest (instead of my waist) and having it over my head to light my shots. You if you think you're a geek for thinking that, hey, I was seriously thinking about it.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Neil - Ah you got me thinking. I guess I should do some type of April 1st post...

  8. g-dot

    @emm is it just he IS in the new one that is better i am gonna get a 17-50 2.8 for my 60D had u played with that combo

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @g-dot - Yeah the 18-55mm is a trusty workhorse. The new IS II version was introduced with the T3i.

  10. g-dot

    @Emm stock lenses are not that bad its more less the person shooting with the camera i shot 50 music videos in 2010 with the 18-55mm on the t2i and people still ask if its a 5D and what lens tell me what you think

  11. LOL, you could do some REALLY awkward interviews with that thing. The only thing that would have made this funnier is if you put the tiny Rode VideoMic Pro next to it.

  12. @eiker_ir wow that is insane haha, i bet it gets really stable shots though, it would hard to get a jerky shot from that. AS far as batteries go for lights i found some cheap stuff at electronic store to make battaries with, tell me what you think. here is a vid of it all together

  13. Seven

    Again, Emm, I am wondering when we could see some videos of that 900.. especially as compared to the old 500/1000

  14. Shawn Caple

    That's great! The light seems to be really nice. Does it have a filter over it? Are you going to show us the battery setup soon?

  15. Chateau

    Video please of the 900 LED lights compared to 500 PLEAAAAAAAAAASE!!!!!! 🙂


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