900 LED Dimmable Video Lights


I setup (3) of my new 900 LED Video light panels against the 500 LED panels. These things really put out some power. Obviously there's more light output than the older 500 LED panel, but the color and throw is a world of difference. The 900 LED panel has an AC power cord that outputs 15V, and terminates to an 'N' size (Radio Shack) pin. This is the same size pin the Z96 and 352 LED Ring light uses. So I quickly threw on a variety of my DIY batteries to test total light output.

With the 900 LED panel powered from a 12V battery, the light turned on but was pretty dim. Using my (2) RC batteries joined together to 14.4V, the light was at full power. The third light I connected to AC power (15V) and was exactly at the same output as the one running on RC batteries 14.4V. I left the LED on full power using the RC batteries (fully charged) and after about an hour the light began to dim.

So it's possible to power these LED lights from a portable battery pack, but you'd need something that was at least 14V and fairly large to get some decent run time out of them. Even though they come with the V-Lock Battery mount, that might not be enough time to be worth the high cost of those batteries. Time to find a solution...

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  1. Hey Emm,

    What are you using to transport these babies? I was stuffing the two I had in a Pelican 1650 case. But I just bought a third one today and now they won't fit. I was thinking a rolling suitcase, but that's not exactly impressive to paying clients. Just wondering what others were doing. Maybe a "cube" case?


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  3. Anyone have a good answer yet to the question of color temperature? How close to 5600k is it? Also I found that the 500LED's had an high speed flicker (not visible on camera) that starts to give me a headache after even 15min exposure to a scenario lit with them. Anyone else have this issue?

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  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Brendan - I've been testing with different portable battery options, but i'll see if I can run a test with a subject (which I always lack)...LOL.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @defiant - These are not color changing LED's. They come with slide in filters. They are always at a full 900 LED's.

  7. I'm assuming that to make it change color temps it has 450 led lamps that are 32k and 450 led lamps that are 56k and it just dims each bank to get the colour temp you a looking for.
    so... my question is at full 56k (which im assuming is the 450 leds rated at 56k) is that as more or less light output then your old 500 led light?

  8. How does the color compare to the 500 LED or 1000? These look like they have MUCH better barn doors than the 500/1000. I just picked up 2 500s and 1 1000 and have no idea why they pressed that strange pattern into the aluminum.

  9. jose

    how much power (brightest) is the 900 led compared to the 500?
    Is it almost twice brighter?
    Im thinking in buy one of these soon!!

  10. Simon

    These circuits will give you 14 or 15V from a variety of DC inputs:

    something like this built into a car-starter battery pack might be something to try. I used units similar to this to power lights a few years ago: https://www.trcelectronics.com/Cosel/sus101215c.shtml

    I wonder how well these would work https://www.costco.com/Browse/PopupViewer.aspx?prodid=11624194&whse=BC&cat=21276&lang=en-US


  11. leigh

    I don't understand why ePhoto don't post outside the US. They are missing out on a lot of business and we are missing out on a lot of good equipment.

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