Canon T3i + JuicedLink DS214 + Rode VideoMic Pro

2011-03-02 15.09.57

One of the new features in the Canon T3i lets you select full Manual Audio, dial down the in-camera pre-amps, and go all JuicedLink DS214 with headphone monitoring. Damn this is so much easier than all the other random ways to control, monitor, and route incoming audio into DSLR's. If you still liked running a Dual Audio system, you can run a Zoom H1 or H4n on the output between the camera and DS214.

You can see the relative size of JL's DS214 next to the Canon T3i and Rode VideoMic Pro, all mounted on a (gratuitous product shot) of the Juicedlink Accessory bracket. It's such a simple looking setup, but you've got control over the Rode VideoMic with -10db, 0db, and +20db, and then you have a Low / High Gain features in the JuicedLink DS214, along with incoming Right and Left Levels adjustment, and finally piping that into the T3i Manual Audio controls...

31 thoughts on “Canon T3i + JuicedLink DS214 + Rode VideoMic Pro

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Maddox - The Juicedlink will still sound cleaner than using the Rode +20db. It's not necessary, but it will sound better.

  2. Maddox

    @Emm _ Just wondering, since the 60d has manual control over audio recording. Would the JuiceLInk DS214 still be relevant now that the Rode VideoMic Pro has +20db gain control?

  3. Emm

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    @alwanneroy - You could use basic hot shoe mounts. Something like this would work perfectly httpss://

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  5. Emm

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    @J Toha - I have something i'm working on now with a Letus Cage. It's pretty cool..

  6. J Toha

    Emm, with a bracket like that, how's the ease of use for run and gun situation? Have you tried combining it with a handheld rig or is this best used for static shots?

    I never really imagine a cage being used as part of a shoulder / chest rig - seems too heavy, and looks very intimidating.

  7. Ragnar

    Hmmmm, well that's a bit pricey. Perhaps I'll continue with my plan to build your version but figure out a way to to cut 4 equal strut pieces and somehow join it in a dovetail sort of manner like the juicedlink one as having all those extra holes all around would really come in handy. I wouldn't use mine as a fig rig as I already have one of those light/cheap ebay PVC ones that really does the trick. My rig would be a permanent fixture to a tripod, like in your pic above. Thanks for the link and idea.


  8. Ragnar

    That rig looks different than the one on your DLSR DIY Rig video. I like this better as it has mounting holes all the way 'round. How did you build this one?


  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Jarrett - Missed it I guess, I posted it here: httpss://

  10. @Emm, do you have any more photos of this Juicedlink you could post?

    @Jarrett -- The T3i and 7D's image quality for video are practically the same. The only difference you might see is a slight advantage to the 7D in VERY low light. Otherwise, a toss-up.

  11. Emm

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    @Jarrett _ i haven't put them to the paces, but I would think the 7D would have better image quality since the T3i is closely based on the T2i.

  12. Emm

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    @anon - Not comparable. The Rode would be better, but of course it does cost more too. I'm really finding the +20db very very useful. Love that feature and the external switches. You can easily test different settings on the fly.

  13. Jarrett

    whats your impression of the image quality on the t3i compared to the 7d, video wise? I am still thinking of unloading my 7d.

  14. I currently own the JuicedLink DT454 and I use it with my canon 7D. I use the Rode Pro Video Mic and the Sennheiser Wireless system ew100. The JuicedLink DT454 costs $419.00 but it has 2 XLR inputs, the JLds214 only has 1/8" jacks and is very reasonable in cost. I am very happy with using it, I have an Zoom H1N, but still have not used it as I like the ease of use with the DT454. Here's a link to preview a audio sample.

    Hope this helps.


  15. anon

    How comparable is the $67 Azden (on amazon) to the rode.....or is there really no comparison?

  16. Pao

    Argh! So many options! I can mount the jl on other cages as long as it has the same thread right? Thinking about the cpm cage or another type of cage

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @Sam - Yes, this will disable AGC, allow you to adjust input levels, provide headphone monitoring, and give you a slightly better pre-amp (ML can't do that).

  18. Sam

    Hey Emm I shoot with the t2i and don't want to hassle with Magic Lantern. Is this JL the way I should head in terms of audio?

  19. anon

    Hey Emm Im glad you finally posted something w/ the rode mic.

    My question isn't really about the rode mic but if you could recommend any alternatives to it......$250 is a little out of my range at the moment.

  20. Do you plan on testing the JuicedLink out with the 7D and H4N to see how the audio quality is in camera with AGC turned off?

  21. Emm

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    @Jordan - The JL DS214 has a threaded insert also. Best bet could be on a hot shoe mount, but if you have a microphone, you'll need to find a spot for that too.

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