Gettin’ my BlueStar On

BlueStar-Eyepiece (2)

BlueStar Eyecushion upgrades for your view finder loupes are definitely high quality stuff for an inexpensive price. I just received two in this morning, in colors Red and in Tan, with a Microfiber finish. If you're looking for the type to fit onto the LCDVF or LCDVF clone perfectly, you'll want to go with the Oval Small and the Microfiber version was the original one that shipped with the LCDVF. Other types of finish offered by BlueStar Viewfinder Eyecushion's are available in Cotton and Fleece. There are also a ton of colors available too. A definite must have for a more comfortable fit for these ViewFinder loupes. These guys know their stuff, and if you're looking for a perfect fit on any type of camera, give them a holla over at with your questions.

Reminder that these LCD viewfinder loupes aren't just for videographers. These LCD viewfinder loupes are perfect for outdoor photographers who have to fight the bright daylight when reviewing their LCD for proper exposure and focus. I've noticed the prices already going up on these uber cheap LCD Viewfinders from my earlier posts, and there's still talk of discontinuation due to possible infringment issues.

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11 thoughts on “Gettin’ my BlueStar On

  1. Vicsflix

    After reading the Q&A section of Bluestar's website I was quite surprised to read that they designed these eye cushions for one-time use. Here's an excerpt from that section:

    "Eyecushions can be washed, but we do not recommend it. Eyecushions are designed for one-time-use given that that they protect the Camera Operator's eye from dirt and infections and provide superior comfort. One should always have a fresh, new Bluestar Eyecushion on the eyecup when shooting..."

    Most of us are using these cushions for several shoots, right? Mine has lasted for several weeks so far with little of wear and it's not soiled or grimy. Should I be changing it more frequently?

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  4. Fredrik

    Just got a mail from Bluestar. So if anyone else living in Europe is interested in avoiding the shipping rates from US, heres the list.


    ARRI Rental Germany, Munchen

    FGV Schmidle Germany, Munchen

    FGV Schmidle Germany, Munchen

    Gecko Cam, Munchen

    Lightequip, Koln Bickendorf


    Bogard, SA FRANCE

    L'Europeenne de Productions FRANCE

    Panavision Alga Paris FRANCE

    TSF Boutique FRANCE

    Gecko-Cam seems to be the easiest dealer to order from -


  5. Dietrich

    I've been meaning to mention another handy solution for the inevitable fogging issues with the LCDVF. Snowmobile enthusiasts have been fighting fog issues for years, go to your local ATV store/shop and look for anti-fog cloths. They've worked miraculously for me on my original LCDVF and the two clones I just purchased.

  6. Serge

    Im gonna have to block my router from giving me access to Cheesycam during the week, too many goodies!!!

    Woooo! $46 for shipping?!?! this thing is wafer light...

    If you know someone in the states,have it shipped there and then have them ship it to you, cant be more than $10.

    I wish B & H had all the colors Blustar has on their site, I want the orange to match my shirt logo, Im going to contact them and see if I could by from them directly.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    Contact blustar and see who they work with close to you. They might have a dealer there they ship to.

  8. Fredrik

    Anyone who knows another net dealer than BHPhoto. Their shipping cost is insane to Europe. $ 6.95 for the cushion, $ 46 for shipping. Would love to know...


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