Why not? The Latest Nikon Telephoto Coffee Mug

watch image above for animated zoom action

I was searching for a Nikon Coffee mug as a gift for a Nikon fanatic friend and ran into this. I just posted an article about Lens Replica Coffee Mugs getting an upgrade, and all of a sudden there's a new one out with another upgrade. Looks like the Nikon Replicas are ahead of the competition with this one. An actual Stainless steel insert Nikon Replica Lens Coffee Mug that 'Zooms' in and out. Yeah it's a bit geeky, but if you're going to rock one, why not rock it right. The details on the mug are claimed to be 99.9% accurate, and having received my Canon 24-105mm Lens Coffee Mug a while back, i'm sure that's very possible. They are coming out with such detail and scale to size, it's hard to tell the real from the fake. Now with the cool 'Zoom' factor, it adds even more to these fun little nostalgic collector cups. This one also comes with the fancy lens pouch to complete. This is a very new item and has just become available for sale here.