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Chris writes in about a Letus Hawk VF DSLR ViewFinder purchased not long ago, and then recently received the new Letus Hawk VF quick release adapter. The new quick release adapter was a great addition, making the Letus Hawk much more flexible to work with.

If you've made your purchase through LetusDirect.com for a Letus Hawk that did not come with the QR adapter, make sure to check in with Letus. It's supposed to be a free upgrade for LetusDirect.com customers that purchased a Hawk VF, but this offer may only be for a limited time. Here's the link to the LetusDirect.com website: https://www.letusdirect.com/cart/letus-hawk.html

Another bit of news in the rumor mill is that Letus is designing a Hawk VF for the Canon T2i LCD (which is the same for Canon 60D). I'm rocking the Letus Hawk VF on the Canon 60 now with just a bit of crop, which I don't mind.

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