Letus Hawk ViewFinder on Canon T3i w/ Battery Grip


(Above) Was my first image of my Canon T3i fitted with a Letus Hawk View Finder. Yes it fits quite nicely, and they make it in the proper aspect ratio for the 3:2 LCD screen. What I didn't have was the riser for a battery grip. Here's a gallery (below) from reader HD-Tography showing you the fit and the fashion of the Letus Hawk Aluminum ViewFinder, on the new Canon T3i, with Small Oval BlueStar EyePiece, on Gini Rails offset with a bit of Easom, with the cheap Shoulder Support. Sweet example of many of the items covered in this blog and  looks pretty solid.

[Ok guys, this is more of an example of the Letus Hawk ViewFinder with Battery grip riser adapter on T3i, so please don't start submitting your rigs. We'll save that for another time...]

Here's the direct links to the products if you have a Canon T3i with Battery grip and looking to rock the Letus Hawk VF too. If you have questions, you can always contact the support team @ LetusDirect.com

Letus Hawk DSLR Viewfinder - Aluminum 3:2 (with Canon T2i/550D Riser)

Shown beside the Universal Pro Mount (IMPORTANT: Low Profile Version for T3i Battery Grip)

Also shown is the Hawk Eye Cushion (Red micro fiber)

and the Letus Direct Lanyard

17 thoughts on “Letus Hawk ViewFinder on Canon T3i w/ Battery Grip

  1. Mike C

    This is quite old, but I'm curious to know...When using a battery grip, would it be a better idea to use a straight offset adapter, rather than a raised one? I'm interested in putting together a rail/cowboy studio shoulder hybrid setup, but it seems like everyone forgoes their battery packs since most offset adapters are the raised version, which ends up raising it too high for a comfortable fit?


  2. Ryan G

    Is there a cheaper alternative that's similar? I'm looking for a viewfinder for the Sony HX9 that doesn't use a sticky frame, but I'd rather get one that isn't the same price as the camera.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Wade - The 50mm F/1.8 is a great little lens, but it wasn't really designed to handle manual focusing. Be careful using manual focus on there too much.

  4. Wade

    Good luck getting that to work with the Gini Rig follow focus... I'm going to guess it wouldn't reach the canon 50mm 1.8. Even with focus gear ring.

  5. Paul

    Just got mine today... works great on my 60d. Definitely something everyone needs to get, I feel much better about my focus now, and my manual exposure when I'm shooting outside is much more accurate.

  6. HD-tography


    Sorry never came back here until today... emailed you just now. Hope I can help

  7. JSS

    Thanks for all the input guys. Time to start saving up for one of these hopefully there is a Canadian supplier.

  8. Jason


    Would you mind shooting me an email? ([email protected]) I'd like to pick your brain about how you got your universal pro adapter to work? That way I dont have to keep writing in the comments 😛

  9. Jason

    Also I just got a canon zero riser finally for w/o battery grip...

    Mine looks nothing like his..Im so confused??!? Is his an older version?

  10. Jason

    I've had a hell of a time with my T2i+battery grip with the Letus Hawk 3:2...

    I'd like to know what battery grip that is, because mine protrudes too far out and the quick release plate won't lock in securely. I had to to turn the piece that connects to the posts upside down and request extra bars for it...It was a really long and drawn out process...everything is okay now..but my viewfinder came with the rubber piece off and I had to super glue that on...For $450 I was a little disappointed...

    James in the end took care of everything but..yea..Not fun

  11. HD-tography


    If you mean the viewfinder this one is at a 3:2 ratio, so it is made for those cameras, like the 60D, T3i, and other 3 inch 3:2 ratio LCD screens. They also make a 4:3 ratio viewfinder, however is not optimal for 3:2 ratio cameras, as they cut a bit off each side of the LCD screen.

    But I think you were asking about the Low Profile Universal Pro Mount, and honestly I don't think there is a camera out there this wouldn't work on, as those height posts come apart to give you different heights, so it travels a huge range on the y axis, slides a huge rage on the x axis, and even the z axis has 3 different holes as a starting point and then adjusts on a slide, so that range is also huge.

    When it first arrived, the posts were not assembled together (see photo) and too short, I was so confused and was like "DAM the posts are too short for my grip"... until I screwed them together (duh) and it was all gravy from there. If you have questions about compatibility with a particular camera, make sure to inquire of James over at Letus Direct Support Toll Free 1-866-620-3566

  12. I have the Carbon fiber one and I have used it on a 5d and a t2i. I think it can be adjusted to fit most dslr's, but you never really know. They have been good about making risers to adapt so I would think that if another camera becomes popular and needs a VF that they would make an adapter.

    The price may seem high but it is around the same price as Zacuto's VF and it is made of aluminum or carbon fiber. Zacutos is made out of plastic. The letus has its optics made in japan and has better glass. I feel a lot better about spending the money because it is made of better materials than the others in that price range.

  13. brandon

    Letus seems to be making some quality product, but jeez, that's a lot of greenbacks

  14. JSS

    @mikeonvido or anyone else that owns this it says on the website that this is compatible with many other cameras. Is it truly that adjustable? Just wondering cause if I spend the money for this I'd like for it to work for other camera bodies in case of a future upgrade.

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