Silicone Friction Follow Focus Gear

Panasonic lenses are fast, quiet, and sharp, but I'm a big complainer about manually focusing with Panasonic Lenses. Looks like i'm not the only one. The lenses need full rotation to get objects in focus, and many Follow Focus lens gears require some type of clamp preventing the full 360 rotation. The solution for Alex M is to add a child's silicone bracelet to the lens, essentially turning it into a friction based follow focus with a seamless lens gear all the way around. [Thanks Alex]

Silicone Friction Follow Focus

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  1. Jeez what a great idea. I have a new FF and old Nikon lenses, and the gear doesn't mesh with the texture on the lens, leading to gear slippage while turning the FF. This would be a great solution for added friction between the gear and the lens... great idea, thx!

  2. Hey Anthony, I picked up a pack of these bracelets at Target. I think people are buying them for party favors or something. Only cost a couple bucks (way cheaper compared to gears). I like this mod because I don't ever have to take it off, works well for handheld focusing.
    Anyways since a few of you requested here's a video:

  3. This is great! I owned Ikan's F3 for a while and it worked phenomenally with the 20mm pancake, but unfortunately any heavier older lenses (hence everything else you would use on the GH1/2, the Ikan F3 did not work quite so well with.

    It would seem like a good compromise to have the D-Focus being used with gears for all your older heavier lenses and using this "kid bracelet" set up for the 20mm pancake or lenses with lighter focus ring pull.

    I'm sure you can find these all over the place but... Where exactly did you get this kid's bracelet???

  4. Wow, now that looks both effective and cheap. Wish there was a vid that showed how the FF gear engaged and if there was slipping.

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