Proaim’s New BasePlate for ViewFinder

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The Proaim DSLR View Finder is nothing new, and personally I would prefer the VF Prime or Seagull VF, but Proaim looks to have a 'one-up' on the competition. This morning I was turned onto a recent BasePlate addition to Proaim's View Finder [Thanks Greg]. Looks like they're the next in line to follow in the recent trend of converting all LCD View Finders over to baseplate mounts.

Screen shot 2011-05-16 at 8.19.57 AMScreen shot 2011-05-16 at 8.19.51 AM

The BasePlate looks to be an all metal construction that still allows you to mount a Quick Release Plate underneath. The ViewFinder claims Anti-Fog coating on the lens, and a minimal Diopter for less than perfect vision. To get further correction, you can stack the extension frames between the LCD and View Finder. Can you see that small hole on the BasePlate? The Proaim viewfinder also comes with a short Aluminum Rod that you can use has a handle (probably not very functional).

Screen shot 2011-05-16 at 8.20.09 AM

If you're wondering, it looks like a 3" LCD View Finder, but for Canon T2i, T3i, and 60D owners who really want this setup expect to lose just a 1mm crop on each side (IF it can line up properly).

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find-price-button Proaim View Finder with BasePlate

12 thoughts on “Proaim’s New BasePlate for ViewFinder


    I know this is an old article but is anyone still using this and how's it holding up?
    Also, how does the viewfinder adhere to the base plate? It seems as if it would be falling off all the time.


  2. Marc

    Dear Emm,
    you know if the PROAIM viewfinder is like the Zacuto compatible with IDC System Zero plate ???
    Thank you.

  3. zkfilms

    I decided to take the plunge and bought the proaim viewfinder VF-2B(although I do hope for zacuto)being that the price is reasonable. When I first received it, its identical however there's some parts missing from the Zacuto version. Besides that, I tumbled upon a problem when I inserted the viewfinder on the back of the metal plate with the gorilla plate, it fits nicely and sturdy however I can't seem to get it off even with physical force and in the end, I was forced to use screwdrivers to crack it lose and it did scratched the viewfinder a little bit but not the optic quality. Do I recommend this? yes.

  4. David Detuer

    I just saw a guy with one of these at Jacobs cameras in UK and he claims the company that manufacture the parts is the same one that makes the parts for Zacuto he showed me a direct side by side comparison there wes NO difference , great build, quality and all metal construction base plate.

  5. HD-tography

    The LetusHawk 3:2 is still the best option for a T3i and 60D... It truly is miles of luxury above the rest, even the Zacuto products are absolute total junk in comparison!

    I even battery gripped my T3i today with the new Universal Pro Mount Riser (Low Profile Version) from

    I just sent you a pile of pics Emm, feel free to share them with your readers.

  6. @Emm - I f&%cked up and forgot to buy the gorilla plate adapter when I bought the Z-Finder Pro. Have you seen it anywhere else besides B&H and the usual places? Every one of those big outlets charge 50USD for shipping outside of US, which is pointless for a 16USD piece of "hardware." :/

  7. I wonder if the "110 cm aluminum rod" is a 15mm diameter. That would be awesome. This baseplate could double-up as a "Zacuto Gorilla Plate" and attach to a run-and-gun rig.

  8. Adam M

    This is just another direct rip from a Zacuto product. Nothing really revolutionary here (other then price)

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