Express35 Custom Offset Adapter

Here's a basic setup of rails, HD Handles, base plate, and Adapter plate from I emailed Chris about how I like using the cheap $24.00 dollar shoulder support, but you have to be somewhat inventive to create an adapter for offsetting it. I was surprised to hear back that as an experiment Chris setup this horizontal bar to adapt the rig and to offset it. It's extremely solid, and also an inexpensive way to adapt the two instead of using more expensive rods and clamps. This is not a final design in any way, but nice to see that he's willing to adapt to other accessories we choose to use. A few others have expressed interest in how to do this, so if you've got questions, hit up or follow Chris via Twitter @express35.

Ooops! Looks like prices are slightly going up. Might need to change the name.
find-price-button Shoulder Support Pad for Video Camcorder Camera DV / DC

18 thoughts on “Express35 Custom Offset Adapter

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  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Princeton - Yes, the cheap shoulder support will also work with the Gini. Check this out if you didn't see it httpss://

  4. Anything yet for the gini rig? I'm still having a hard time finding something that will work with the Gini Rig. Will this shoulder support pad work with the gini? Do you have any videos out yet for the the Gini set-up? Thanks....

  5. Jase

    Hey emm,
    Do you think you'd be able to take some photos of this rig mounted on your shoulder with a cam on it? Thinking about getting it but want to see it first.
    Thanks heaps.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Andy - Lower arm is not removeable, but can be left loose to where it doesn't clamp. Sometimes I use it that way, but for hands-free stuff I clamp it up.

  7. Andy

    @Emm, Thanks, pics or a video would be really helpful! I am using a Manfrotto 323 Quick release plate but no battery grip. I guess I can always find a block of wood or square tubing to offset the height of the shoulder rig.

    Another question: is bottom arm on the the $24 rig removable?

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Andy - are you using a battery grip and quick release adapter? That will bring up the height too. I'll try to reassemble mine in a bit and get some snaps.

  9. Andy

    Hey Emm or Rod, I'm thinking about getting this setup but the whole rig seems to be kind of low so that the camera sits around the chin area. I have an LCDVF and was wondering if the shoulder rig gets the camera high enough to your eye to use the loupe. Do you mind taking a picture of someone using it with a camera on there so I can get a sense of the overall height? Even better if you show it with the LCDVF on there too (if you have one) Thanks!!

  10. thad

    Thanks for this post.
    I'm about to do the same thing but I'm thinking of getting the XL-HD handle bars.

    Do you think you'd be better off with the longer handles or with the shorter handles on this set up also having a follow focus and matte-box?

    I'm curious if having the shorter handle bars to be an advantage in using a follow focus.

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  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Olphus - It's the exact same thing. There isn't a different or better version of this design that I know if.

  13. Awesomeness, how much are we looking at for this setup?

    Also, I know the handles are adjustable and all, but is it possible to reconfigure them to use only one hand for support so the other can be used to focus?

    And is here a way for us to mount any other extra stuff on he rig, such as light or mic?

  14. Serge

    I been using my $24 shoulder support with parts of my Red Rock Micro for over 2 years and it works great.

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