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Not sure how many of you remember this article I posted a while back about the RigX bundle from Express35. I asked Chris to put something like this together to work with the cheap shoulder support to offset rails. The offset has been revised since the 'prototype' version I received, to add more functionality.

It's been pretty quiet about the RigX since because that bundle has been moving so quickly, it can't seem to stay in inventory. Well here's your chance to get it in the next few weeks, but you have to get on the list. It's available for pre-orders, 'first order in first order out'. This is an offset design that moves the camera's LCD to line up any viewfinders you might be using.

Together with the inexpensive shoulder support, this combination gives you a solid shoulder rig for a budget price with everything you need as the foundation for future items like a Follow Focus, Matte Box, and other rail mounted accessories. You can find the pre-order webpage here: https://express35.com/rigs/rig-x/

Here's the shoulder support it's designed to mount to.
find-price-button Shoulder Support Pad for Video Camcorder Camera DV / DC



Lensse adds another DSLR accessory to their lineup - the RigX DSLR Cage. (Not to be confused with 'RigX' from Express35 which is an offset shoulder rig). This very basic frame (cage) around your video camera providing you with a few different mounting points for your LED lighting, LCD Monitors, Microphones, Audio recorders, Wireless Receivers, and other add-ons. The frame can stand on it's own with built in legs and offers a top handle for stable low shots. The RigX Cage from Lensse also includes a couple of quick hot shoe mounts.


To finish this setup off, I think it could definitely use a quick release adapter. Perhaps the longer Manfrotto 357 Sliding Mounting Plate might be a good choice to balance out the camera, and a couple of Friction Arms to get akward accessories positioned in the right place. Price, not so bad for the amount of mounting points + top handle + shoe adapters, but shipping could be a deal breaker for most some. Found below.

find-price-button Lensse DSLR Cage steady-camera RigX


Looks like Rod's been busy, but it also looks like he's been saving - some cash. This is originally a short review of the Express35 RigX DSLR shoulder bundle, but i'm catching all kinds of cool budget gear over the entire rig. RigX was a project Chris designed after I mentioned about adapting to rails to my cheap shoulder support. The version Rod is showing here might be an earlier version of the RigX bundle as I believe there's some new redesign around the baseplate. Don't quote me on this, you might want to check in with Chris over @ Express35 first. Or sometimes he comments in the articles. More info on the RigX can be found here: https://express35.com/rigs/rig-x/

Besides the RigX rail system, he's mounted it to the cheap $24 $30 dollar shoulder support. This small setup looks super lightweight but very functional. Fast off the shoulder and fast onto a Fluid Head. Rod's also got a Zoom H1 over top with hot shoe shock mount, Sescom cable with splitter from Markertek to feed audio directly into a Magic Lantern loaded T2i, and one of the cheapest follow focus systems - the D-Focus. Rod's got a bit more information over at his Vimeo page which you can find here: https://vimeo.com/19856612

find-price-button Cheap Shoulder Support for Video Camera


Screen shot 2011-01-30 at 4.45.44 PM
visit-button Express35.com DSLR Rigs and Accessories

If you aren't following @express35 via Twitter you might have missed the sneak peek. Looks like this adjustable camera base should be the missing link for those looking to add more vertical height to the camera position. This is a missing component with most rigs which were compensated with battery grips + quick release adapters. One nice thing is that it's both the Camera base and the Tripod mount. With the Gini rig I received, I had two seperate plates. Now it's just a matter of pricing, and hopefully bundled with the RigX components that were used on the cheap $24 dollar shoulder support....


As some of you might have noticed, this blog went a few days without an update. I was busy attending CES - Las Vegas. Since there were several days of event coverage and many hours of walking, we needed to travel light - super light. The area was sooo crowded with what felt like hundreds of thousands of people, it was too cumbersome to even bring out a simple Tripod. We knew that we had to rely mostly on hand held shooting. Not to mention all the Taxi and Shuttle rides that made it difficult to travel with excessive gear and navigate through crowds. Our weapons of choice were two $24.00 dollar shoulder supports with a basic set of rails and handles. At times, the shoulder support was put in the backpack and the cameras were stabilized through the basic rail system which includes handles.

(Above) Camera on Basic Rails from Express35

find-price-button Manfrotto Shoulder Support Adapter

Quick tip: If you want to make a straight shooter out of a basic set of Rails and Handles, you can also carry around the Manfrotto 361 Shoulder Brace for Monopods. This adjustable shoulder support will connect directly to the Tripod plate of the rail system giving you that extra point of contact.

One of the benefits to using a modular rail system is that when it's taken apart, it has the smallest footprint possible and extremely light weight. It's also the core foundation of building up to Follow Focus systems, Matte Boxes, and other accessories that are designed around the industry standard mounting solution. Another benefit is that it can be reconfigured into different ways by shifting the parts around. (I bet you guys never though about doing this). By just rotating the camera sideways on a set of rails and repositioning the Handles to each side, I was able to make a Fig Rig type stabilizer. I didn't want to pack the Flycam, so instead I used this type of setup for all my walking shots. Switching to my Tokina 11-16mm wide lens helped smooth out any walking motion too. When I was done, things packed up very neatly into a small backpack. When I get a third handle, i'll show you guys how i'm planning on adding a 'Top Handle' to the basic rail set. This would have all the same functionality as my DIY DSLR Fig Rig with two handles to each side and one on top. Of course it would be more lightweight and can be broken down for easy traveling.

(Above) Shown using rails sideways in a Fig Rig Stabilizer Configuration

(Above) Traveling with Basic Rails

For those who were hunting down a way to mount a set of rails to the Cheap $24.00 shoulder support, here's the answer you've been waiting for. This is a custom offset adapter that I requested from Express35.com. Unlike the mock-up version that I first received, this is a set of parts that allow multiple axis adjustments to get the camera where you want it. If you're looking for such an adapter to mount your Redrock, Zacuto, Gini Rig, or other rails you can contact Express35.com here and let them know you want that Cheesycam Offset for the cheap Shoulder Support.

(Above) Custom Offset Adapter to Cheap Shoulder Support

find-price-button Cheap Shoulder Support for Video Camera

Supposedly a few other people have been requesting this same setup of rails to 'cheap shoulder support', but didn't even know where to start. For those of you who haven't invested in a basic rail system yet and looking to adapt to the cheap shoulder support, a new bundle of parts labeled as 'RigX' became available on the Express35.com website. The RigX Project is the custom offset adapter (above)+ basic set of rails + DSLR base + Tripod mounting Plate + HD Handles - all ready to be used seamlessly with the Cheap Shoulder Support. The bundled parts are designed specifically to be used in what many are calling the most comfortable entry level DSLR shoulder rig (you'll need the cheap $24.00 shoulder support) combination. If you want more information and prices on the complete RigX project from Express35, you can check it out here: https://express35.com/rig-x/1857/

find-price-button Express35.com RigX


Here's a basic setup of rails, HD Handles, base plate, and Adapter plate from Express35.com. I emailed Chris about how I like using the cheap $24.00 dollar shoulder support, but you have to be somewhat inventive to create an adapter for offsetting it. I was surprised to hear back that as an experiment Chris setup this horizontal bar to adapt the rig and to offset it. It's extremely solid, and also an inexpensive way to adapt the two instead of using more expensive rods and clamps. This is not a final design in any way, but nice to see that he's willing to adapt to other accessories we choose to use. A few others have expressed interest in how to do this, so if you've got questions, hit up https://Express35.com or follow Chris via Twitter @express35.

Ooops! Looks like prices are slightly going up. Might need to change the name.
find-price-button Shoulder Support Pad for Video Camcorder Camera DV / DC