Adjustable Height DSLR Camera Tripod Base

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If you aren't following @express35 via Twitter you might have missed the sneak peek. Looks like this adjustable camera base should be the missing link for those looking to add more vertical height to the camera position. This is a missing component with most rigs which were compensated with battery grips + quick release adapters. One nice thing is that it's both the Camera base and the Tripod mount. With the Gini rig I received, I had two seperate plates. Now it's just a matter of pricing, and hopefully bundled with the RigX components that were used on the cheap $24 dollar shoulder support....

3 thoughts on “Adjustable Height DSLR Camera Tripod Base

  1. JP Hansen

    As I can see it looks ALOT like the stuff from - BTW great products Hangrip make.. Will show my new shoulder rig from Hangrip soon 🙂

  2. Motegi

    FYI, for the readers, the IndiHARDWARE rigs all have adjustable height camera platforms that look very much like this as well. Also I know that you can purchase their basic carbon fiber rails + platform separately for a very reasonable price without having to purchase an entire rig.

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