Rod’s Budget DSLR Shoulder Rig

Looks like Rod's been busy, but it also looks like he's been saving - some cash. This is originally a short review of the Express35 RigX DSLR shoulder bundle, but i'm catching all kinds of cool budget gear over the entire rig. RigX was a project Chris designed after I mentioned about adapting to rails to my cheap shoulder support. The version Rod is showing here might be an earlier version of the RigX bundle as I believe there's some new redesign around the baseplate. Don't quote me on this, you might want to check in with Chris over @ Express35 first. Or sometimes he comments in the articles. More info on the RigX can be found here:

Besides the RigX rail system, he's mounted it to the cheap $24 $30 dollar shoulder support. This small setup looks super lightweight but very functional. Fast off the shoulder and fast onto a Fluid Head. Rod's also got a Zoom H1 over top with hot shoe shock mount, Sescom cable with splitter from Markertek to feed audio directly into a Magic Lantern loaded T2i, and one of the cheapest follow focus systems - the D-Focus. Rod's got a bit more information over at his Vimeo page which you can find here:

find-price-button Cheap Shoulder Support for Video Camera

16 thoughts on “Rod’s Budget DSLR Shoulder Rig

  1. Will

    I would really love to purchase one of these, but the express35 site doesn't look like it exists anymore. All that's there is a GoDaddy domain site. I googled express 35 and all the results redirect to that same page. Is anyone else aware of this? I havent found any better shoulder mount options and I would hate to have to keep looking/pay more.

  2. Very cool rig. I'm not sure about the Cowboy Studio support at this point, though. When I first got it I was impressed, but as I use it for longer periods it starts to dig into my ribs and get pretty uncomfortable.

  3. @Chris, yep that one screw holds it all together and makes it one solid unit. I have total confidence in it. customer service is top notch, I'm sure you will get a reply shortly. Thanks!

  4. I contacted Express 35 last night to see if they would sell their offset piece separately. They have added it to their website. It's the second paypal button on the Rig X page.

  5. Kevin

    Awesome setup on a budget. Make sure you folks check out his Vimeo page he is doing some great work with a T2i. Great post work for sure. There is not enough quality examples of what the T2i is capable of most everything is the MarkII or 7D. Great stuff!

  6. Hi Rod, thanks! So, the piece that attaches to the Cowboy rig is the "offset adapter" right? Is that one screw strong enough to hold the rails and camera?

    I just emailed Chris at Express35... I'm looking to pick up exactly what you did, plus that D|Focus for My T2i. 🙂

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Chris - This RigX rail system was designed specifically for this cheap shoulder mount. There's an offset adapter custom made to mount.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob - The link to the RigX is in the written part of this article. There may be a new offset design with further adjustments for left / right / forward / back / up / down.

  9. Okay, I was looking at the pictures wrong. The offset part is made from two 90 degree (accessory?) clamps and their plate. Looks like they sell all of these parts on their site.

  10. Very cool. Any idea if they're selling the offset piece by itself? I checked out their site, but I couldn't find any info on it. Was thinking about buying one of the macro rail as an offset for this exact setup with my gini rig, but I'm worried that it won't support all of the weight.

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