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T2i owners aren't ready to jump ship, so I highly doubt Canon will be receiving as much Pre-Orders as the Canon 60D. But for those who are just starting out with no DSLR camera whatsoever it's still one step up from a T2i in many ways. If you're not ready for 60D prices, the T3i is the camera to get. Manual audio levels, new full HD Zoom Crop feature, Swivel LCD, Wireless Flash trigger are all good reasons for a first camera. Although the GH2 seems to be catching some fair marketshare with an almost cult following. I need to dive into mine more.. But if you're looking to start with Canon, the T3i pre-orders are open.

BTW, it looks like all product information for the BG-E8 Battery grips are being updated. The BG-E8 battery grip was originally designed for the Canon T2i and now they are throwing the stamps of T3 and T3i to the supported camera list. This would be a first for a new Canon DSLR to use an already designed Battery Grip, so it sounds like an easier transition upwards for T2i owners who already have these accessories.

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[Update] As someone pointed out, looks like the Canon 60D is currently on sale right now. If you're not looking to wait on pre-orders, check out the 60D sale prices.

Canon EOS 60D 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera on Sale via Amazon
Canon 60D 18 MP MOS Digital SLR Camera On Sale via

15 thoughts on “Canon T3i Pre Order

  1. hi guys,
    i love this blog, it keeps me updated, anyway it seems that most like the gh2, can u tell me why ? i mainly use for video and i really like the 600d. The main reason is actually the swivel lcd plus the price 😉

  2. I am cheap, like many of you. 🙂
    If I want a good camera for cheapest possible price, I would buy t2i for a couple hundred dollars less than t3i, after a inevitable price drop.
    If I have a $1000 to spend, I would get GH2, if you are into video.
    If you are more into stills than video, I would get 60D.
    I am more into video than stills, and I own both t2i and GH2. Panny GH2 blows away ANY canon, in video resolution, from test footage I've shot last few days. I have a bunch of t2i footage on my website and will be posting GH2 results soon for comparison.

  3. jason

    If this crop zoom thing works good, you pretty much have a deep DOF video camera when you use a wide lens (ENG cam). Now we just need good cheap cine zoom lenses that hold critical focus, and zoom motors.

  4. I already own the T2i & am consider'n make'n the T3i my main cam & use'n the T2i as a backup/second cam for another angle while shoot'n video. I'm too lazy to keep that Magic Lantern firmware on all of my SDs as I like to reformat the card after unload'n it, so I'm look'n forward to the few new features of the T3i.

    For $100 more I could have a 60D but I'd rather both cams use the same accessories (batteries for the most part). Although I WOULD like that 5.3fps vs the 3.7fps of the Rebel line, I can live w/o it...

  5. Tony

    As far as the GH2 goes, I'd play with it some more Emm... I LOVE mine and my T2i has gotten very little love since the Panny came into the house!

  6. really hoping they decide to update the firmware on the 7D soon. bought an ipod shuffle just to bypass AGC 😛 only do it when im lazy and dont want to sync my zoom audio, but not needing to do the janky AGC bypass trick would be nice.

    I mean, the T3i and 60D can do it, as well as the 5d2, the 7D seems like the red headed stepchild :p

  7. Although I think it's odd that Canon keeps putting out these cameras so quickly, people must be buying them. I've got a few of the Canon DSLR's and I love them. I was recently talking with a local cinematographer who uses a Canon XH A1 who was trying to explain that DoF and DSLR video are just a fad that come and go. He hadn't used one and didn't seem interested in owning one, but from my experience with both styles of camera and technology in general, by the time they go out of style, the technology will have been replaced anyway. To any of you on the fence about whether or not these cameras are the real deal, please stop debating and go buy one. At least go rent one. It's not all about depth of field. Compare the low light performance of your $1000 vixia to t2i and 50mm 1.8 and tell me which you like better. Oh and did I mention that they take great pictures too. I for one am excited and can't wait to see what bells and whistles will be shipping with the 5DmkIII.

  8. Serge

    oops submitted before I was done writing, Just want to make sure people don't go "OH WOW $599! WHAT A GREAT DEAL" and place an order on that model instead of the T3i

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