LCD View Finder with Glass Diopter

find-price-button Opteka View Finder with Glass Diopter

For those struggling to find an inexpensive View Finder with Diopter, Opteka's got a new VF-10. Claims to have all Glass optics, adjustable focusing lens (diopter), and rubberized coating. Looks very similar to the 'Hood Dude' but only half that price. First version of this is only available for 3" 4:3 aspect LCD screens and mounts via Bungee cords. Hopefully we'll see some different sizes start to show up for the T2i / T3i / 60D sizes or even the GH2 and Sony NEX. Doesn't have the large eye-cup if that turns you on, but for those DIY'ers out there, this might be a better start than trying to craft your own. For those who are strictly into photography and just need a good Magnifying loupe to review images in the hot sun, it's not a bad deal for a Loupe and a Lanyard.

5 thoughts on “LCD View Finder with Glass Diopter

  1. Jimdorf

    It's really hard to trust Opteka stuff. You might get a keeper or you might get a lemon. Some of their tripod/ballhead stuff is just too creepy (it keeps creeping down no matter how you secure it) even though low priced.
    Buy quality! You'll never regret it. And neither will your clients.

  2. carlos

    im just saying, save your money. the diopter needs to be readjusted every 2 mins. there is no locking mechanism

  3. Serge

    @ Carlos, ummm hence why he did not say the NAME...
    and I re-quoted... “Hood Dude” “Hood Guy” “Hood Male”

  4. carlos

    this reminds me of the hoodman which i used to own. DONT BUY IT! a viewfinder with rubber bands = crap

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