Express35 RigX Preorders Open


Not sure how many of you remember this article I posted a while back about the RigX bundle from Express35. I asked Chris to put something like this together to work with the cheap shoulder support to offset rails. The offset has been revised since the 'prototype' version I received, to add more functionality.

It's been pretty quiet about the RigX since because that bundle has been moving so quickly, it can't seem to stay in inventory. Well here's your chance to get it in the next few weeks, but you have to get on the list. It's available for pre-orders, 'first order in first order out'. This is an offset design that moves the camera's LCD to line up any viewfinders you might be using.

Together with the inexpensive shoulder support, this combination gives you a solid shoulder rig for a budget price with everything you need as the foundation for future items like a Follow Focus, Matte Box, and other rail mounted accessories. You can find the pre-order webpage here:

Here's the shoulder support it's designed to mount to.
find-price-button Shoulder Support Pad for Video Camcorder Camera DV / DC

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Alex - eBay offers a great layer of visibility and protection, even more helpful with Paypal protection. I'm more of an ebay'er.

  2. Alex

    thanks emm.
    Also i was wondering if anybody ordered anything directly in ginis shop and not on his ebay items? How is paypal there if you dont get the rig?? Is it the same than Ebay?

  3. HD-tography


    Sure thing, we're all here to try to help each other out or be helped ourselves, that's what I love most about the DSLR community, whatever brand you do go with...

    That's a smokin' deal though! Enjoy!

    FYI yes Gini has had as many as 3 accounts over the years, and switches back and forth from these 2:

    opst77 ( )


    gini-2011 ( )

    every time he gets negative feedback on one of his accounts or has a problem with a buyer, like a claim...

    It is the same guy, I know because I have personally spoken with him on the phone a few times now, and have ordered from both his accounts, and also his 2 websites at:

    and (currently down)

    needless to say I have a big pile of different Gini rigs at the moment, perhaps too many.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony Maceo - You might be looking at the wrong one. Here: httpss://

  5. Tony Maceo

    @Emm - Just checked out the ikan FF... from what I can see, it doesn't have a way to attach a crank or whip. I might hire a 1st AC one day. 🙂

  6. Tony Maceo

    @Emm - Thanks for the reply and suggestion. You may have an idea, but you don't know the extent of help you are to us budget-starved shooters just getting started and want to film and look professional. All my click-thru and purchases from B&H and Amazon will be from this site in support of your excellent blog site. Thanks again.

  7. alex

    Hey, does gini have several different eBay accounts... j found a gini under the original "old" post that had a gini with no items selling.... is this the same guy?

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony Maceo - The Wondlan looks pretty good, you just need a handle and an offset piece to all come together. The RigX is pretty solid, and also check out the ikan FF.

  9. Emm

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    @Nikita Pavlov - I like the ikan FF also. Very well built and a good price.

  10. Emm

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    @Nikita Pavlov - I don't really use another handle, but it is nice to have when setting the rig down.

  11. And what about second handle, do you think I need that? For rig fig configuration I have L bracket and going to use it as a second handle, hope this will be enough. Or may be HD Carry Handle is a good accessory?

  12. Finally preordered RigX, seems like some things in the world made especially for me. What do you think about Follow Focus? D-focus and indisystem are the cheapest one or there is other options?

  13. I jumped at this Saturday evening when it hit. I've never had a rod set and this looked like the perfect way to get me into one. looking at tricking it out with a dFocus, lilliput monitor, and some sort of lighting. are the rods going to be long enough for me to put all of that on? I am sure I will need some extra rod clamps/blocks, is there a better follow focus than the DFocus for a similar price? and finally, will I need the DFocus Riser blocks? I am mounting a T2i with an EFS 18-135mm and hopefully a Zeiss 50mm soon. Thanks!

  14. HD-tography

    I personally don't care for the Rig-X stuff...

    Yup, there are much better options through Gini IMO,

    as low as $37 for the LH Clamp (plus $27 shipping to USA) *note how you also get some needed elevation with the Gini offset*

    and then $85 (worldwide shipping included) for an EASOM tripod plate to connet to the cheap shoulder mount.. or contact [email protected]

    Ask for a tripod plate only (V2 carbon fibre rods and adjustable baseplates also available)

    If you need a height adjustable base plate, Gini's been selling them lately for between $55-$65 (plus $29 shipping to USA) and some even come with rods!

    Check out the completed listings here:

    Those are my thoughts, your mileage may vary...

  15. Tony Maceo

    Been looking at this vs. the WONDLAN Universal Follow Focus w/ BasePlate @ $450 shipped. I'm guessing with WONDLAN i'd need at least X35 offset only option. Can you chime in on your advice on which way to go? RigX+dFocus FF or WONDLAN+ X35 offset? To go on the shoulder support listed? I know you're a busy man, but this be a great answer to me and others looking to get our first shoulder right on a tight budget. Thank!

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @Nikita Pavlov - Yeah it's a pretty solid rig, great craftsmanship. If you can find gini for cheaper, that's a good deal too, but there's no easy offset. You'll have to check out the Gini Auctions: httpss://

  17. What a great news! Do you totally recommend this (I have shoulder support already) or there is other (cheaper) option to built similar rig basing on gini rig for example?

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