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Lensse adds another DSLR accessory to their lineup - the RigX DSLR Cage. (Not to be confused with 'RigX' from Express35 which is an offset shoulder rig). This very basic frame (cage) around your video camera providing you with a few different mounting points for your LED lighting, LCD Monitors, Microphones, Audio recorders, Wireless Receivers, and other add-ons. The frame can stand on it's own with built in legs and offers a top handle for stable low shots. The RigX Cage from Lensse also includes a couple of quick hot shoe mounts.


To finish this setup off, I think it could definitely use a quick release adapter. Perhaps the longer Manfrotto 357 Sliding Mounting Plate might be a good choice to balance out the camera, and a couple of Friction Arms to get akward accessories positioned in the right place. Price, not so bad for the amount of mounting points + top handle + shoe adapters, but shipping could be a deal breaker for most some. Found below.

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6 thoughts on “Lensse DSLR Cage – RigX

  1. Cwow


    Thanks for the clarification. That seems pretty misleading. I thought it was a simpler version to a full vest rig.

    I am just finding it hard to carry the Glidecam for long periods (as most do) and hoping this was the solution.

    Thanks again

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Cwow - The Body pod for the glidecam is just a brace to hold it. You can't move with it. Sometimes when you have a stationary shot, it's helpful to carry the load. You'll need to take the Stabilizer off of the Body Pod when you start walking.

  3. Cwow

    Nice way to get a good set of lights to carry with the camera at the same time.

    Hey Emm. Have you ever done a review of using a Glidecam with the body pod. I know i have seen you use your vest. But ever try the glidecam body pod or heard any feedback about it.


  4. john

    It looks way to high imo. too much space between the camera and the handle. makes it look really awkward.

  5. Michael

    looks incredibly cheap, excessively large and awkward. I would worry bout the top handles ability to not slip or rotate under load. Might work ok for macro photo work or doggie cam use.

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