Letus Drops new Videos – Hawk VF QR Plate

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Letus35 Letus Hawk DSLR Viewfinder

Just about an hour ago, Letus drops in some new videos showcasing their solution for a Quick release adapter for the Letus Hawk VF. This new solution should be shipping later this month. Letus has always been associated with some very serious gear - check out the video above, who knew these guys were 'not so serious' with a great sense of humor?

Ok back to the new gear, the video below shows off the Letus Hawk VF Quick Release solution. This thing rocks. I like this alot and it's going to make using the Hawk VF much more versatile for Hybrid shooters of video and photography. This is going to be standard issue from here on out with the Hawk View Finders and compatible with all previous Letus Hawk VF's. Check in with Letus, inquire about a possible Free Upgrade for LetusDirect.com customers and solutions for previous customers who purchased before this release. Mention this blog and maybe they'll throw in some of those cool stickers. LOL

Check out the newest Aluminum version in the video below too. Wicked cool.

10 thoughts on “Letus Drops new Videos – Hawk VF QR Plate

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  2. Emm

    Post author

    I thought the optional riser for battery grips works with this too. Check their website or contact them. Pretty sure it will work.

  3. Andy

    I was almost ready to pull the trigger =[, hoping they'd have something more appealing for those of us that have a battery grip on 24/7.

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