Canon SX30 IS Review

I purchased a Canon Powershot SX210 IS camera because I was impressed with the amount of Zoom, Image Stabilization, and 720HD video capable features. Although this is a different range of camera, Canon just announced the new SX30 IS, 14 Megapixel Point and Shoot camera with an incredible 35x Optical Zoom (not digital). Looks like i'll be upgrading my Point and Shoot soon enough! This range in 35mm terms is 24-840mm using the Ultrasonic motors from the EOS cameras. With that type of range, other features include their famous Image Stabilization and 720 HD video with stereo sound.

This sounds like it has all the bells and whistles one might need. Another feature is the articulating LCD screen which should come in handy for both photos and video use. It's an interesting camera that's almost DSLR like similar to that recent Canon G12 announcement. Could this steal some of that Canon G12 thunder? Of course the G12 does have a hot shoe. Oops, I guess this little camera has a hot shoe too. Well Canon now has several new cameras including the Canon 60D recently announced which are not yet available for purchase. With so many different options they've pretty much covered any gaps in what buyers could think they might need in a single camera. Don't think that it's over though, we still haven't heard the big big news from Photokina scheduled at the end of this month.

More information about these cameras can be found with the links below.
Purchase Canon Powershot SX30 IS

Purchase Canon Powershot G12

10 thoughts on “Canon SX30 IS Review

  1. Hi, don't know if this will work like a forum post, we will see.

    I am in an unusual (great) situation as through pure enthusiasm I was just hired to do Video and Photos at different Dance Clubs here in Costa Rica. I did my 1st one a week ago, was a combo day and night gig, the Video/Photos were great, but when they hit heavy Bass the sound would distort.

    Currently own a Canon SX30 is, I purchased it primarily for the long zoom and combo photos and HD Video. I had a Nikon D80, great pics, but needed extra lenses and had no Video, so the "all in one" solution of the SX30 seemed ideal. I use it both for my Real Estate projects for Video and Photos of the surrounding countryside and Views, as well as for the club gigs.

    I must stress that I have no experience changing ANY Camera settings, I leave the dial on on Auto, both for Video and Photos.

    But time to get educated, so any advice is helpful.

    So, here are my questions.

    #1. For a darkly lit Nightclub, with no external "extra" lights, what are the best settings for;
    a) HD VIDEO
    b) Photos

    #2. I am assuming there is no solution for the sound recording in the SX30, the Sx30 has a hot show but no external Mic plug. any ideas?

    So I am looking for the best solution (New semi pro DSLR or 3/4 Camera) that will give me a small and very mobil package, as I am running around and it unusual positions (climbing ladders or equipment racks or stage platforms) with external mic so that I end up with Video that has sound that is as high a quality as the Video.
    Recommended Camera, lends, External mic/ Filters and anything else I need.

    Also, here is an unusual offer. Everything costs twice as much in CR, so if some "expert" out there wants to visit Costa Rica for a 3 day weekend, and TEACH me some of these things, I will pay his round trip airfare to come visit, and he can bring me the new camera equipment, as the cost savings will more then pay for a round trip ticket.

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  5. xlerate

    The SX210 IS is a great point & shoot camera and I'm still looking for a good one on Craigslist in my spare time.

    But the SX30 IS, is not really what I would call a point & shoot, at least regarding the size.

    That said, the zoom is crazy.

  6. Holy moly! That zoom is crazy! And the image stabilization when zoomed all the way in is doing a really good job.

    The guy states that it will cost 449 pounds when released (roughly $700 USD), but I see another blog reporting that it will cost $429.99 in the US. If that's true, that's a pretty good deal for a DSLR-like camera. I only wish that it recorded 1080p so that I could pair it with my 7d.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    Touche' on the hot shoe. I just assumed Canon didn't need another G12 like camera. This does make it much more appealing.

  8. Dan

    Re: "Of course the G12 does have a hot shoe" This one has a hot shoe too... check out around 3:55 in the video. That makes it even more appealing as a throw in your bag backup or travel light option.

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