Letus Hawk VF on Canon T3i / 600D

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Canon T3i / 600D shown with Letus Hawk VF LCD View Finder

Letus created a Hawk VF (View Finder) for the 3:2 aspect DSLR LCD's like the T2i. It so happened to fit on the Canon 60D and fits pretty nicely on the Canon T3i as well. There's a base plate that is mounted to the bottom of the camera (still supports a tripod mount), and the Hawk VF View Finder is attached through a quick release system. It's a great semi-permanent way to attach a View Finder to the T3i without the use of sticky frames. For a closer look at how that all comes together, check out the video below.

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  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Jason - Not sure what you got, might want to send them an email. Should just be the quick release base plate + ViewFinder. I don't have anything to fit a grip.

  3. Jason

    I still don't understand..I ordered this for the t2i and paid extra for the universal pro adapter. And all the gave me was the universal pro adapter?

    Do I not get the standard t2i plate?

    Ps the riser doesnt fit my battery grip either...

  4. HD-tography

    Just to follow up, B&H does NOT have the T2i/T3i Universal Pro Mount Low Profile Risers yet, but I spoke to James over at LetusDirect.com today over the phone and he assures me they are in stock and ready to ship, with inexpensive FedEx International shipping as well! Battery Gripped Hawk here we come!

  5. HD-tography

    Here is the response from Letus Direct Support:

    Thank you for contacting Letus Direct. I believe BH ships the Hawk 3:2 with the T2i riser as default, so you should have the T2i riser. In order to use your T3i and battery grip with the Hawk you will need the Universal Pro Mount (Low Profile version) - https://www.letusdirect.com/cart/universal-pro-mount.html

    The best size eye cushion for the Hawk is the Oval Small size from Bluestar #6011, that is what we sell here - https://www.letusdirect.com/cart/hawk-eye-cushion.html

    Unfortunately I can't send you links to the BH site, because they are actually our competition. We are both resellers for Letus Corporation in Portland Oregon. The main difference is our focus is support for all orders placed directly with us. Please see the Why buy from Letus Direct link below for more details.


    Please let me know if you have any other questions.
    Thank you,

    Letus Direct Support

  6. HD-tography

    Alright, another question for Letus when I email them I suppose, they are selling the Blue Star eye cushions as an add on for the Hawk direct on their website now,


    However I order most stuff through B&H so would would be nice to have confirmation on the size cushion it takes.

    Thanks Emm,

    I'll post back later when I find out.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @HD-tography - Actually they use a different style eye-cup. I haven't tried a cushion on there yet, but it's not the same as generic as the other viewfinders.

  8. HD-tography

    Great idea, thanks for the prompt reply...

    So as I know you have them eye cushions for you viewfinders, which one fits the Hawk? I have the small oval ones for the LCDVF, does the Hawk require the Blue Star Oval Large version?

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @HD-Tography - Yeah I tried the Hoodman crane, I agree very clunky which is why it's never been seen on this website. For a battery grip, the best bet would be to contact Letus either through the website or even try twitter here: @LetusDirect

  10. HD-tography

    Yeah I'm sold on this now Emm, thanks for the fit pics, you have really been a great help with your T3i product reviews, keep it up! Were gonna buy one of these this week... We returned the Hoodman Cinema Kit today cause the crane was just too clunky, and we have a authentic LCDVF 3:2 for the T2i but without a glass screen protector as of yet to stick the sticky frame on instead of the T3i screen, this looks like the best option for our new T3i... nice to get something that isn't plastic for once, all be it for 3 times the price. We too have a lust for gear and think this will satisfy it nicely, for a few days anyway...

    Just wondering which eye cushion fits the Letus Hawk 3:2? The Blue Star Oval Large Eye Cushion or the Blue Star Oval Small Eye Cushion?

    Also, if I want to use this on the T3i with my battery grip, which riser do I need to get from B&H?

  11. Dan

    Oh! I guess that's not a big deal (Right?)

    I guess I can buy a screen protector and put it on and just close the flip screen with the LCD towards me.

    In that case... do I need to buy first the LCD protector and then put the Sticky Frame? Or can you put the magnetic sticky and then a LCD protector?

    (i have none of them, need to get them from ebay!)

    Thanks Emm, I really appreciate your help.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Dan - Yes it's the same screen size, but once the sticky frame is on, you won't be able to flip the LCD backwards into the camera body.

  13. Jason

    mcmillanroad - Hey thanks for your response! Finally someone with a riser. Ive been browsing their site recently and I noticed they now have a "Zero Riser" that is meant for T2i/60D, "for use with 3:2 shroud only"

    So I'm thinking thats the riser I need to get?

    Any chance you can take some pics of your t2i with grip, hawk and riser on? Love to see how it looks in practice. Thanks again man!

  14. I love my letus hawk. I looked at all the top VFs and used some of the top ones before choosing the hawk. I felt that it was the best built and best looking one. The problem I had with the others was that most were made of plastic and I couldn't justify spending that much for plastic on 1 optic.

  15. mcmillanroad

    Jason - I have a Hawk VF and a T2i with the riser. It works well with the battery grip. When I ordered it, I ordered the standard T2i mount which is a just a flat plate, plus the "universal riser" which allows it to be used with the battery grip.

    The VF is nice, its built like a tank and the adjustable eyepiece is awesome.

  16. Jason

    Any chance you got a riser? I emailed letus asking for pics of it in action.

    Love to see a t2i/t3i + battery grip and hawk vf w/ riser..No pics anywhere, just the bare riser

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