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When first started out, there wasn't much available for Videographers (mainly photographers). It seems the line of rental equipment that can be had is expanding and includes some very cool stuff. A small 7 piece set of Zeiss Compact Prime lenses can go for upwards of $24K, or around $5K each. Not something most people want to invest in, but at least now it can be rented. Remember that you don't need to be in the area to pick the rental up, they'll box it up and ship it right out to you. You should check prices of Rental gear to see if you can squeeze add it into the client's budget. That could save you some cash for items you don't use very often.


Also adding in to the lineup of things is a DSLR slider. One rental piece available is the consistently sold out Signature Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly - by Kessler. Boy would I love to see some Cinevate Linear tracking systems on that list too. There's also Glidecam Stabilizers, and LED Video Lights, but extremely short on the DSLR Shoulder rig lineup (sucks). Much more available at the site and the list seems to be growing every week. All found following the link.

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3 thoughts on “BorrowLenses Expanding Video Gear

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @D~ Be careful. With great power comes great responsibility..those three wolf and a moon shirts...LOL.

  2. Kevin

    Hey. All you have to do is send them an email. I asked about the new rode mic and if they would have it in stock. Well a week later it was ready to be rented. Sometimes you just have to ask!!!

    Long time renter!!!

    Thanks Kevin

  3. D~

    Funny, I JUST read Hurlbuts blog on these, found them on borrow lenses, and then you post a blog about them... thanks for keeping us in the know brother... this blog is my go-to.

    Oh, by the way... I was getting my kid ready for a play date and realized somewhere along the line we had picked up a three wolves and a moon sweatshirt for him! Must have been a gift from grandma lol.

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