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The new PNC grips are on the way and should be added to the product line hopefully in about a week. Another product that's been in the works are a few different DSLR cages. The goal is to be the most affordable cage on the market, have excellent build quality, and offer a few varieties in size.


Seen in the (discreet) images above is the GH2 mounted inside one of the cages. The new DSLR cages I helped designed for PhotographyandCinema.com is pretty much hammered out in the production process and should be available in the coming weeks. Follow me on Twitter for more of these updates.


Anyone using the inexpensive Capa DSLR Cage yet? Shortly after first release, they added a base 15mm Rod mount to be used with a Follow Focus system, and now they're adding free handles to make hand holding a bit easier making your shots just a bit more steadier. Hopefully these removable handles will be standard issue going forward.

Capa DSLR Cage 15mm Base Rod Mount Handles
find-price-button Capa SLR Cage with Handles 15mm Rod Base Mount



The rumors are true. I've heard through the grapevine that a cheaper DSLR cage would be made before the year ended. This appears to be that cage. [Thanks Serge]. This particular cage works mainly on Canon DSLR cameras giving access to the card slot and battery door. Not tall enough to support a battery grip.

It's a fair option to add a bracket around your camera to help mount additional accessories, but i'm a bit sketchy on the way the seperate parts are mated together. Doesn't look like the best method to use when joining two parts that thin - dare I say 'flimsy'? I personally think the starting price is also too high, especially when you could get a better stabilizer out of the Alzo cage found here: https://cheesycam.com/alzo-dslr-accessory-cage/.

We'll have to wait to hear more and see some reviews, but this particular new Canon DSLR cage can already be found via eBay (click here).

DSLR Battery Door CageDSLR Cage
find-price-button Capa DSLR Camera Cage


Here's a closer look at the TrusMT DSLR Follow Focus from Vimeo member HDSLR EQUIPMENT REVIEWS [Thanks Joel]. Looks like a solid build with adjustable hard stops, comes with different sized lens gears, an additional focus gear (possibly different pitch size), and the new version is designed with a better quick release 15mm clamp. You can find a variety of TrusMT equipment including cages, rigs, matteboxes, and of course the follow focus following the link (click here)

find-price-button TrusMT DSLR Cage, Rig, Follow Focus, MatteBox, Gear


Screen shot 2011-09-23 at 11.56.37 AM

Alzo's latest Multi-Mount serves the same purpose to hold accessories like a DSLR cage, and at the same time provides a shock mount for your Microphones / Portable Recorders. Looks like there's no need to buy silly homemade shock mounts just for your Zoom H1 or a separate bracket to mount your JuicedLink DS214, this bracket does it all (and then some).

Screen shot 2011-09-23 at 11.56.51 AMzoom-h4n-h1-shock-mount

As a shock mount it can support thin shotgun microphones, as a Zoom H1 shock mount adapter, all the way up to the large Zoom H4n, and heck maybe even the Shure SM58 for handheld interviews. At the same time it provides (4) shoe mounts & (5) 1/4" holes for mounting other additional accessories like a small monitor, LED light, Juicedlink DS214, wireless mic receivers, etc. Now available via Amazon (click here).

alzo shockmount bracket
find-price-button ALZO DSLR Shock Multi-Mount Accessory Bracket


Here's a couple of quality videos from Vimeo member FilmCyfrowy showcasing some Skier DSLR Video equipment. Skier is fairly new and is still building up their product line. They have an unusual cage-like design that wraps over the camera lens, a Follow Focus, ViewFinder, Small Transformer rig, and a Merlin-like stabilizer which seems to perform well.

Company information found at at their website luck-in.com, but so far they only have pricing on one item listed in their eBay store (found here).

Screen shot 2011-09-14 at 11.41.43 PMScreen shot 2011-09-14 at 11.41.52 PM
find-price-button Skier DSLR Video Equipment

Just caught LetusDirect on Twitter showing off an eBay seller ID just a few days old. Looks like Letus35 has finally opened up an eBay store and has some great 'No Reserve' auctions on many of their DSLR accessories including the popular Cage, ViewFinder, Rig, and other accessories. Let's hope this storefront grows to offer more excellent quality gear at auction prices (found here).

Screen shot 2011-09-14 at 8.38.54 PMScreen shot 2011-09-14 at 8.39.07 PMScreen shot 2011-09-14 at 8.38.22 PM
find-price-button Letus35 DSLR Cages, Rigs, ViewFinders, Adapters


If you live and die through HDMI, then you might have heard a few stories (maybe experienced it yourself) about HDMI damage on your DSLR. This little achilles heel in DSLR workflow when using LCD monitors or EVF solutions can cost you big repair bills. Zacuto introduces a new HDMI lock (requires a zacuto plate to mount) called the Pincher. Not the cheapest solution, but it's almost the only one out there. Found at the Zacuto website, or a few dollars cheaper at B&H.

zacuto hdmi lock pincher
find-price-button Zactuo HDMI Lock - Pincher

Or as some others have pointed out in the comments, the new TrusMT DSLR cage has HDMI locking options found here.

find-price-button TrusMT DSLR Cage Ultimate with HDMI Locking


We finally get to see a video review of the ALZO Transformer DSLR Rig Accessory Cage. If you've collected quite a bit of external accessories, a cage is a simple way to keep things together while moving your about. Vimeo member Brian Russell shows how it's in use with a JuicedLink DT454 and an external Monitor. The handles of a cage aid in stabilization when going hand held, and not seen in the video could be the optional top handle from Alzo if you need to shoot low. The Alzo cages are available on Amazon (click here).

Screen shot 2011-07-22 at 9.57.55 PMScreen shot 2011-07-22 at 9.58.10 PM
find-price-button Alzo DSLR Accessory Cage

Optional top bracket can be found below:
Screen shot 2011-07-22 at 10.11.52 PM
find-price-button ALZO Top Cage Bracket Handle