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We finally get to see a video review of the ALZO Transformer DSLR Rig Accessory Cage. If you've collected quite a bit of external accessories, a cage is a simple way to keep things together while moving your about. Vimeo member Brian Russell shows how it's in use with a JuicedLink DT454 and an external Monitor. The handles of a cage aid in stabilization when going hand held, and not seen in the video could be the optional top handle from Alzo if you need to shoot low. The Alzo cages are available on Amazon (click here).

Screen shot 2011-07-22 at 9.57.55 PMScreen shot 2011-07-22 at 9.58.10 PM
find-price-button Alzo DSLR Accessory Cage

Optional top bracket can be found below:
Screen shot 2011-07-22 at 10.11.52 PM
find-price-button ALZO Top Cage Bracket Handle


JuicedLink DIY brackets

If you haven't been keeping up with JuicedLink.com, you might have missed the availability of a new line of accessory brackets. Yeah I know right? Juicedlink best known for some kick-ass audio gear, has a new small line of Camera Brackets. The DIY line of brackets are pretty straight forward where functionality comes first and well ....let just say everything else isn't as important.

Targeted to the budget minded who just need a good solid way of mounting the ever growing accessories such as microphones, LED lights, portable audio recorders, LCD Monitors, portable audio amps, wireless receivers, whosamawidgets, thingyamajingies, and even support for whatchamacallits. The DIY brackets take on some familiar shapes from straight, L bracket, and cage like with multiple alternating 3/8-16 & 1/4-20 unthreaded holes. It's also finished off with black anodizing to blend in with your gear. You can find the new brackets with photo galleries over at the JuicedLink.com website. (Can you mount rails? Yup, there's an image on the site).

Screen shot 2011-02-17 at 5.43.54 PM
visit-button JuicedLink DIY Accessory Brackets for Cameras