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The rumors are true. I've heard through the grapevine that a cheaper DSLR cage would be made before the year ended. This appears to be that cage. [Thanks Serge]. This particular cage works mainly on Canon DSLR cameras giving access to the card slot and battery door. Not tall enough to support a battery grip.

It's a fair option to add a bracket around your camera to help mount additional accessories, but i'm a bit sketchy on the way the seperate parts are mated together. Doesn't look like the best method to use when joining two parts that thin - dare I say 'flimsy'? I personally think the starting price is also too high, especially when you could get a better stabilizer out of the Alzo cage found here:

We'll have to wait to hear more and see some reviews, but this particular new Canon DSLR cage can already be found via eBay (click here).

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8 thoughts on “New – Budget DSLR Cage

  1. Tainbrain

    Just got one of these as well and trying to find a rod mount system for this that accommodates the connections for BOTH camera mount and rod mount. The picture shows it as being possible but no word from the seller after questions. Found this:

    But the hole layout isn't quite right.

    Anybody have any ideas?

    Otherwise, it might be time to drill and tap some holes to accomodate the above. Hmmmm....

  2. Noel R

    Hi Emm, greetings guys,

    I was the winner of that auction for this cage. And it is true that it looks like a "Contineo Viewfactor cage on a diet". Having said that, IMO it would be unfair to call it flimsy. It is definitely sturdy, lightweight and feels solid. The finish is acceptably good if you're not picky. It is definitely not rough! Anyway, for $157 with free shipping, I have no complaints and am satisfied. I just got it a few minutes ago and will post pics in a day or so. Have a gr8 day everyone!

  3. I checked it out on ebay.. looks like it is almost 3/8" thick, and the sides are a single piece of metal, bent, and then screwed in with three screws. I would bet that it is actually pretty sturdy depending on the length of the screws, mostly because of the fact that the sides are of a single piece that is bent, giving it added stability with the corner.

  4. Chris

    a shame this wont work for the t2i =/

    also do you have any idea how they're attaching the rails to the bottom of that?

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