New Gear – PNC DSLR Cage Brackets


The new PNC grips are on the way and should be added to the product line hopefully in about a week. Another product that's been in the works are a few different DSLR cages. The goal is to be the most affordable cage on the market, have excellent build quality, and offer a few varieties in size.


Seen in the (discreet) images above is the GH2 mounted inside one of the cages. The new DSLR cages I helped designed for is pretty much hammered out in the production process and should be available in the coming weeks. Follow me on Twitter for more of these updates.

18 thoughts on “New Gear – PNC DSLR Cage Brackets

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  2. PixCanFly

    I would assume there's a cage for GH2 since it was used in your picture 🙂
    An option for a top handle will be good.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @dave - There are items on Amazon and on eBay that can handle the shipping better than the current website. There were only a limited amount of products, so it wasn't a big priority on the PNC website. A new website will be launched with a full shopping cart in the coming weeks when these new products are added.

  4. Prop | media

    Sweet! I've been in the market for an affordable cage for a few months now. I will definitely check this out when it is available.

  5. Ian A


    Will the cages be designed for specific models or are they generic?

    Please make them available to Australia if at all possible!

  6. dave

    ziga zig ah. 😉 Lookin' forward to the dslr pistol grip! Any plans for PNC to offer multiple item shipping discounts on future orders?

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @HD-tography - Shipping and receiving is tricky stuff, but hopefully the other resellers or PNC stuff will carry these items and provide shipping internationally.

  8. HD-tography

    Emm, please make the PNC Grips available to Canada... I would love to use a few of them with my new P&S gorilla style format of shooting web promos abroad!

    Currently using Barska grips with the new ultralight P&S multicam system for jungle and desert shoots, but your's look so much nicer!

    Will pay extra shipping and buy off eBay like your Pico Dolly shipped internationally.

  9. Tony

    Well guess I'll hold out on my cage purchase I had planned. Is "coming weeks" more like 2-4 or 4-8 weeks?

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