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Sony RX100 Mark II RX100II RX100M2 RX100MII HDMI EVF External LCD

Quite ridiculous to see an external EVF on the new Sony RX100 Mark II, but with 1080p out at least you know playback to your televisions will look good right out of the camera. They finally got it right and placed the Micro HDMI port in a proper location (instead of underneath next to tripod mount).

I'm currently going through the wireless feature in which you can stream live view from the camera to your smart phone for remote viewing. You can remotely operate the shutter as well as (both) starting and stopping video mode. I can see this as a handy feature for those who need to place cameras in various angles while controlling them remotely.

There are a few things i'm not so impressed with the RX100 Mark II, but many of the newly added features has made it well worth upgrading. I should have a short video highlighting some of my new favorite features compared to the old RX100 up shortly.

RX100 Mark II
find-price-button Sony RX100 Mark II Wi-Fi SmartPhone Remote Connection


If you've been following some of Sony's latest cameras, they've announced a new version of the Sony RX100 (Mark II). The new Sony RX100 Mark II camera offers just a bit more sensitivity in low lighting than the original, but the slew of new features make it worth upgrading for existing RX100 owners. Check out the YouTube video from imagingresource below.

For those who use the RX100 for video, the new frame rates (including 24fps) should be appealing. The multi hot shoe can now offer powerful external flash options, and with the ability to add an external EVF, the camera will be easier to use outdoors in bright lighting conditions. The built-in Wi-Fi feature will make it easier to instantly share your photos or videos to your social networks. There's a very long list of enhancements to this popular camera. I currently own (2) original Sony RX100 cameras, but i'm definitely looking to upgrade. So far most retailers remain out of stock, but several retailers (including USA retailers) have them available now via eBay (click here).

Sony RX100 Mark II RX100M2 Bundle Sale Stock
find-price-button Sony RX100 Mark II RX100M2 Digital Camera

[Update] B&H now has them in stock following the link.

rx100m2 mark II rx100
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Long exposure with ND Filters

One common question is 'What's the best pocketable camera to travel with?" Obviously, that will highly vary, but I have my own personal requirements for such a camera. If you're looking for a fun pocketable travel camera, especially one that is capable of quality Time-lapse, this post might be of interest. If it's something you don't need, you can skip this article as it will probably bore you to death.

Time-Lapse Pier

So I recently took a little trip out of town and purposely left all the heavy DSLR cameras and big lenses behind. Instead I packed up the new Canon S110, Sony RX100, GoPro Hero3, and the Canon Powershot G15. If there was any action involved, of course the GoPro is the perfect camera. Outside of that, I kept coming back to the G15. Good for close up macro photography, a stabilized lens, decent zoom, flash hot shoe, and a shutter input for Time-lapse photos. The Sony RX100 takes amazing photos and videos, but if I had to vacation with only a single camera, I personally have found more features in the Powershot G15.

I brought along a very old cheap Aputure Timer Remote that i've had for years for the Time-Lapse photos. You can achieve much better quality from the G15, but I did not have the proper software to edit the new G15 RAW files, so I was stuck with JPEG. It was also bright enough outdoors to use the HDR mode in combination of the Time-Lapse remote.

Time-lapse with MagFilter + Tiffen CPL Polarizer

In HDR mode, the camera will take 3 different exposures and save it to a single JPEG file. With the Carry Speed MagFilter threaded adapter I was able to add ND filters to capture the motion blur of water, or Polarizing filters to correct glare. To keep the gear lightweight, I also traveled with a very small Calumet Tripod and Kamerar Friction arms. Here's a list of the gear:

Canon G15 Camera
find-price-button Canon Powershot G15 Compact Camera

Aputure Timer
find-price-button Aputure Timer Time-Lapse Remote for Canon Rebel

MagFilter Adapter G15
find-price-button Carry Speed MagFilter Threaded Filter Adapters

find-price-button Calumet Mini Table Tripod

Kamerar Friction Arm
find-price-button Kamerar 11" Stainless Steel Friction Arm


Sony has overshadowed some of the other new camera releases with it's RX100 and new RX1 camera, but if you haven't been following, the new Canon Powershot G15 is quite amazing as well. I don't mean for this to be an RX100 vs G15 review, but it's a good basis of the value Canon brings in this sub $500 dollar prosumer camera. I'm not saying I will give up all of my Sony RX100 cameras completely, but I believe there's room to replace one of them with this new Canon Powershot G15.

The most important stand out feature for me is the new 24-140mm (equiv) F/1.8-F/2.8 lens. This is very impressive to have that focal distance paired up with a constant wide aperture. Not only will this provide you with better low light capabilities, but also better bokeh (blurred backgrounds) often desired for portraits. The auto focus is fast, and even the Macro capabilities of the new G15 which can focus on subjects as close as 1cm to the lens is another highlight.

The Canon Powershot G15 may not as be small as the Powershot S110 or RX100, but it's also not too large to still fit easily in a jacket pocket. The G15 will still offer professionals a remote shutter input (for an Intervalometer - Time Lapse), full manual expsoure controls, RAW imaging, and a hot shoe port for flash photography. I won't dive in to too many of the specs about the G15 that are already scattered all over the Internet, but if you're a photographer looking for a smaller travel camera without the hassles of lens changes, I feel the G15 is a great buy. Check out additional specs at the product page via B&H (Click Here)

Canon G15 CameraCanon Powershot G15 Digital Camera
find-price-button Canon Powershot G15 Digital Camera


The Sony RX100 produces great video quality, and performs well in low lit situations, so I was recommending this camera to a Real Estate agent looking to perform low budget YouTube Virtual Tours. Unfortunately, it's widest focal length is approximately 28mm (not the greatest). I got to thinking, and decided to test out the new Carry Speed MagFilter Threaded Ring Adapter. The MagFilter Adapter will allow you to attach your own filters to point and shoot cameras, and here I'm using the RX100 with a cheap 52mm Wide Angle Lens Adapter.

Wide Angle Lens MagFilter Carry Speed RX100
find-price-button Neewer 0.45x 52mm Wide Angle Lens with Macro

To make walk throughs even more stable, I balanced with the Skyler Minicam.

Sony RX100 + Wide Angle Lens + MagFilter Threaded Adapter on Skyler MiniCam Stabilizer


The next MagFilter to be released from Carry Speed is the MagFilter Threaded Ring Adapter. There is no glass on this MagFilter Threaded Adapter Ring. This adapter allows you to use the filters of your choice with your high end compact camera like the Sony RX100.

Right now three different adapters (choose one) are designed to support 52mm, 55mm, or 58mm filters such as a Polarizer or ND Filter. The product has been announced, and should be available soon from https://CarrySpeed.com.

MagFilter Threaded Ring Adapter

If you're quite sure what the MagFilter System is, check out this old article (Click Here).


Sorry for the long wait, but here is the official announcement about the new MagFilter System . This is the Polarizer i've been using with my Sony RX100 cameras. I was able to help with some ideas on this fast and simple filter solution that can be used with many of today's high end compact cameras, while leaving the camera virtually unaltered.

mag filter2

The MagFilter System uses strong magnets within the Aluminum filter body, and attaches to the front area of high end compact cameras systems with a very thin metal ring that adheres to the camera.

mag filter

Using high quality coated glass optics from Japan, the Polarizer is the first MagFilters that will be available this week. There are two different sizes that can support a variety of cameras. The 42mm MagFilter works on cameras like the Sony HX9V, HX10V, HX20V, HX30V, and of course the new Sony RX100.


The smaller 36mm MagFilter works on cameras like the Canon S95 and Canon S100. I've been testing the Polarizer for a few weeks, and it works to cut glare from reflective surfaces such as water, glass, leaves, and even helps retain information in the sky.


One thing I noticed is that the Sony RX100 seems to retain more details in the shadows when using the polarizer, possibly because it cuts down on those specular highlights in the scenery. With very bright highlights, the Sony RX100 will try to retain this by slightly underexposing. With the highlights being controlled in the scene, it seems like you can get a more balanced exposure - at least that's what i've experienced in some of my tests.

find-price-button MagFilter System for High End Compact Cameras



Using a 128GB Lexar SDXC card in my Sony RX100, I don't often run out space, I just run out of juice (battery power). A single Sony OEM battery for the RX100 will run you about $49.99 (seen here on Amazon) and you'll still have to use your camera as the charger rendering it useless. So I ordered this kit of (3) NP-BX1 batteries + DC134 charger for my Sony RX100 (found here on eBay).

I've had it for about a week and used them through some of my video blogs, Giants BaseBall games at the Park, and casual video shooting. The batteries work as normal, and i'm not really seeing any major difference in run times. We'll see how well they hold up after a few months, but with the 128GB SDXC card, I now have enough power in the bag with these 3 extra batteries + Battery Charger for under $30 bucks.

Sony RX100 Charger NP-BX1 NPBX1 Aftermarket batteriesSony RX100 Charger NP-BX1 NPBX1 Aftermarket batteries
find-price-button Sony RX100 Aftermarket Battery + Charger


Sony HX20V ND Filter

Filters can play a fairly important part when capturing photos or videos. For instance, a CPL filter can 'correct' colors, saturation, and contrast to the image before it reaches the sensor. Bringing back washed out skies, saturating bright blue oceans, or removing glares from foliage. This information is normally lost during image capture, and cannot be recovered in post editing, because the data just isn't there.

So what about all the new high end point and shoot cameras? What's the solution to adding ND filters, Variable ND filters, or CPL filters? Even with Manual video controls on the new Sony RX100, without a solid ND filter, you can't maintain your optimal shutter speed for that Cinematic look.

Well I've only teased a few times about a new product ready to hit the market very soon, but today I'm able to share a few teaser images. So far ND and CPL filters are ready for the Sony HX9V, Sony HX20V, Canon S100, and other popular high end point and shoot cameras (including RX100).

ND Filter Polarizer RX100 Sony HX20V

Cheesycam ND Filter Polarizer RX100 S100 HX9V

A very thin metal ring fits flush against the compact camera's front barrel. The super strong magnetic filter quickly attaches and detaches, and can even remain on when the camera is powered off with the lens fully retracted back into the camera body. That's all the information i'll share today, but i've provided a few images that will hopefully get you excited. I'm going to attach this to the Sony RX100 today. Want more information about this? Please follow me on Twitter for those updates https://Twitter.com/Cheesycam