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Sony HX20V ND Filter

Filters can play a fairly important part when capturing photos or videos. For instance, a CPL filter can 'correct' colors, saturation, and contrast to the image before it reaches the sensor. Bringing back washed out skies, saturating bright blue oceans, or removing glares from foliage. This information is normally lost during image capture, and cannot be recovered in post editing, because the data just isn't there.

So what about all the new high end point and shoot cameras? What's the solution to adding ND filters, Variable ND filters, or CPL filters? Even with Manual video controls on the new Sony RX100, without a solid ND filter, you can't maintain your optimal shutter speed for that Cinematic look.

Well I've only teased a few times about a new product ready to hit the market very soon, but today I'm able to share a few teaser images. So far ND and CPL filters are ready for the Sony HX9V, Sony HX20V, Canon S100, and other popular high end point and shoot cameras (including RX100).

ND Filter Polarizer RX100 Sony HX20V

Cheesycam ND Filter Polarizer RX100 S100 HX9V

A very thin metal ring fits flush against the compact camera's front barrel. The super strong magnetic filter quickly attaches and detaches, and can even remain on when the camera is powered off with the lens fully retracted back into the camera body. That's all the information i'll share today, but i've provided a few images that will hopefully get you excited. I'm going to attach this to the Sony RX100 today. Want more information about this? Please follow me on Twitter for those updates https://Twitter.com/Cheesycam


I was very impressed with Sony's HX9V and now I also own the HX20V. If you're not familiar with these little Sony cameras, they offer full 1080p @60fps, and the best image stabilization for a point and shoot. I guess I should have waited around, because this new RX100 looks to be the better camera. It shares some of the same features as the HX cameras, but now with a much larger sensor and an F/1.8 lens, the little point and shoot cam should perform quite well in low light situations.

I thought my new HX20V was already pretty good in dim lighting! It's still a few weeks out before the release date, and besides what you hear in the video review above, there's some additional specs at the product page via B&H (Click Here).

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