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RX100 Sony Manual Video Controls

I just received the Sony RX100 in the mail. As far as compact pocketable cameras go, this is the one to get, especially with a sensor almost twice as large as it's competitors, and knowing it has full manual controls in video mode. Results on the web have already proved the camera's capabilities obtaining amazing quality in both still images and in video. While Amazon still has not received inventory, I just got notification that B&H should be shipping Sony RX100 orders today if you're interested in this amazing little camera. Check it out (click here).

Sony RX100 Camera
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I was very impressed with Sony's HX9V and now I also own the HX20V. If you're not familiar with these little Sony cameras, they offer full 1080p @60fps, and the best image stabilization for a point and shoot. I guess I should have waited around, because this new RX100 looks to be the better camera. It shares some of the same features as the HX cameras, but now with a much larger sensor and an F/1.8 lens, the little point and shoot cam should perform quite well in low light situations.

I thought my new HX20V was already pretty good in dim lighting! It's still a few weeks out before the release date, and besides what you hear in the video review above, there's some additional specs at the product page via B&H (Click Here).

Sony RX100 Camera Review
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