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I was very impressed with Sony's HX9V and now I also own the HX20V. If you're not familiar with these little Sony cameras, they offer full 1080p @60fps, and the best image stabilization for a point and shoot. I guess I should have waited around, because this new RX100 looks to be the better camera. It shares some of the same features as the HX cameras, but now with a much larger sensor and an F/1.8 lens, the little point and shoot cam should perform quite well in low light situations.

I thought my new HX20V was already pretty good in dim lighting! It's still a few weeks out before the release date, and besides what you hear in the video review above, there's some additional specs at the product page via B&H (Click Here).

Sony RX100 Camera Review
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Nice build on this DIY video camera stabilizer. The gimbal design with PVC resembles one that was posted here over a year ago (click here). You can find more information about this build over at Vimeo member Constantin Gabor's video here.


After recently posting up the Palo Alto adapter from PhotographyandCinema.com, I decided to take mine out for a spin (literally). With this little adapter and a cheap Shurline Pole, you can get some really cool views in both Photos and in videos. It's more than strong enough for something like the Sony HX9V. This time out, I decided to see what it would look like if I spun it around pointing towards myself. It's definitely weird, but stems more ideas on some cheap yet creative camera movements. I'm seriously going to stack two of these poles together to see if I can double the height....


Just for fun, thought I would test to see how much difference a basic ND filter and CPL could do to improve on the HX9. The ND will bring the shutter speed down on bright days to reduce the strobe like effect. The CPL, of course will improve overall image when dealing with Polarized light. This is a basic Cokin P system filter holder (this one can hold up to 3 filters). There is a slot for a CPL that can be rotated. I've also stacked two Cokin P hoods to help prevent lens flares on the large filters. Normally the filter holder is attached to the filter ring of a lens. There's no filter ring so a friction arm keeps things in place while still being adjustable in case I need to zoom. Yes this can all be used on pretty much any other camera. If it all works well, i'll build a stage of sorts to be able to mount it on a tripod.

[Update] Here's a video sample with and without the ND Filter. The focus was thrown off from pulling the ND in and out, but if you leave it in the Auto Focus is fine. I could try stacking ND filters to cut down the shutter speed even more. Notice how choppy the water looks without the ND filter and how it flows with the ND filter on. Overall, the ND filter makes a pretty big difference.

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