Unfinished DIY PVC Bearing Gimbal

Many of you have probably already seen this video. It was posted up over a year ago as Part 1 of 2. I know i've had my eyes on it for quite a while waiting for the follow up, but Part #2 of this project doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon. This one is based on the Gimbal Handle that is used on the Glidecam series stabilizers. There seems to be a million ways to make a Steadicam Merlin gimbal handle, but little ways to make a decent Glidecam type gimbal handle. In this interesting video, there's some really nice techniques in mounting several bearings into some cheap PVC making it into a full 3 axis gimbal. It's been a year already, and there's some really good ideas in here to just let this sit back without being tackled by someone. Since video #2 hasn't been released to follow up on this, i'm curious if anyone has attempted this DIY project, and how far did you get?

If you're not familiar with what a Glidecam Stabilizer is capable of, check out my HD1000 video demonstration here: http://cheesycam.com/glidecam-hd1000-dslr-video-stabilizer-demonstration/

click image for pricing on Glidecam HD1000 Stabilizer System

8 thoughts on “Unfinished DIY PVC Bearing Gimbal

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  2. eymon zhu

    I am going to post up a video on my vimeo detailing how to do the top and the bottom with left/right...forward/back adjusting sled made out of 1/4 inch wood.

    It works pretty good, although, it still need to play around with my DIY to find the right position for a t2i + tokina 11-16

  3. The only big con, at least for the one I made based on this, is figuring out how to make the camera plate adjustable (front to back, left to right) like it is on the glide cams.

  4. JP Hansen

    I made one.. From all kind of stuff I had.. All from IKEA parts to some bracket from the local hardware store.. I will see if I can get some pics uploaded 🙂

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