Palo Alto – Painter Pole Adapter

Self Portrait GoPro HD, Palo Alto, Shureline Painters Pole

If you're familiar with the Palo Alto adapter for Painters Poles, it's back online with a very very limited amount. This is just a fun little adapter that will add a standard 1/4x20 thread to the top of any painters pole for added height to small cameras. Would be a fun thing for the HX9V and built in image stabilization. I gotta take this thing back out. My favorite painters pole is the Shur-Line Easy Reach Extension Pole.

If you're already familiar with Pole Aerial Photography and the Palo Alto, it's available below through, if you're not familiar, check this article out

Palo Alto Adapter
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18 thoughts on “Palo Alto – Painter Pole Adapter

  1. Danny Franklin

    Hi Emm,

    I've never thought of using a painters pole for this type of crane work. TOTALLY AWESOME!

    Just one question. Does a painters pole have an articulating head. The reason why I ask is because you're able to get the camera to face down the pole back at you. Does this require an additional 90 degree mount or does the head of the pole just point down?


  2. pepe

    Good stuff Bruce, just curious, what program
    u used to create the pdf ? .. it looks really
    PRO !


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  4. I've been using a Wooster Sherlock 6’-12’ painter’s pole (R056)for years. Working for wineries, I often found the need to get a shot above the tops of the vines. "Here is our vineyard," instead of "Here's a wall of vines." I wrote an article about getting a higher view:

    This week I'm working on a video which needs a couple of birds eye establishing shots and cutaways, so I've put my 5DII on a ball head atop the 12' pole with a Rokinon 14mm lens. The perfect aerial shot! I mount my monitor on the shaft of the bottom section of the pole.

    Still examples (screen captures):

  5. all gone.
    I think this is one of you better ideas. Especially with the GoPro.
    Is the piece made out of aluminum or steel? I to am not sure if I would trust it with a dslr, that little 1/4-20 stud looks pretty vulnerable. Maybe if they make a 3/8" version and then you could put a little ball head on there.

    once again great idea.

  6. I use of those as a boom mic pole, which works much better than a professional boom pole if you ask me. Easy and light-weight! Also, I've used this with my GoProHD on a few occasions for a different type of look.
    Definitely worth having the extra tool.
    I got mine at home depot and, like Daniel above, would not recommend putting a DSLR on the pole.

  7. I got one of this at home depot. Used it as a mic boom mainly, I would not trust a 7d on it that high though. specially with a heavy and expensive L series lens.

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