Gini Follow Focus – Almost Complete

Well Gini is definitely all ears and listening to feedback. Here's a look at a more complete Gini Follow Focus. All things black anodized, magnetic marking disc holders. Still lacks a pointer and packaged lens gear, but obviously something that anyone can add on. Shipping prices have also come back down from the $150+, so if you can score one for $1 dollar at auction that would still come out cheaper than anything else on the market. Find the Gini Stuff here.

Screen shot 2011-08-14 at 9.17.02 AMScreen shot 2011-08-14 at 9.17.10 AM
find-price-button Gini Rigs DSLR Stabilizers + Follow Focus

11 thoughts on “Gini Follow Focus – Almost Complete

  1. Dan

    Just got the DSLR RIG EXTREME-1700 N w/ follow focus for $212 plus $65 shipping. Their prices go up and down so drastically.

  2. Toby Angwin

    gabriel, that is unfortunate about the gearbox. It's a pity that you combined this genuine problem with your other personal wishes when you wrote to Gini.

    You do understand that quite a few follow focus units use a single clamp, from the Arri mini to the willytec in lightweight mode or the Cinevate one. All that you need to do is tighten it sufficiently and it will stay in place. Also all follow focuses have some degree of backlash, but better ones are adjustable and the backlash is minimal. These gearboxes seem to be not so great though.

    Gini's rigs are sturdy but to be honest they aren't that much heavier than other kits with metal rods. You could always buy some Carbon fibre rods if you want to get lighter but personally I find the weight an advantage.

    I just got a Gini follow focus (because it came with the kit I ordered). I'll post again if it breaks within a short amount of time. I have a Shoot35 unit which is great but more expensive and I previously owned a Willytec. If I do keep the Gini FF I am considering swapping out the gearbox for the steel geared equivalent.



  3. gabriel

    I've been following this blog for several months now. This is my first post. After reading many great reviews about the build quality of the gini rig, I bought a K7 + follow focus. Now I have a bad case of buyers remorse. The follow focus is completely useless. There's a about a 1/20 of a turn of play between the knobs. The gear box is loose or skipping or something because now after abut 1 hour of testing it the knob just spins and cannot move the lens at all. It worked OK at first, but something is amiss in the gear box. Also it just mounts to one rod, not two (like most other follow focuses) so it's pretty easy to lose alignment. When I wrote to Gini to bring up these issues I got no response, and he has no return policy. Plus his gear is VERY heavy compared to both more and less expensive similar rigs. I wish I had read a comment like this before purchasing.

  4. HD-tography

    Well it's finally complete, with marking disk and reference point marker and all:

    Looks GREAT!

    (still no gear belts included but you can get them anywhere on eBay)

    Price needs to come down to under $300 (INCLUDING shipping to North America) though, or snag it included with a rig for under $500 shipped, then it is affordable.

    I may get one now, or wait just a little bit longer for a review on the few that have shipped out so far, I have had problems with HUCO gearboxes in the past that weren't "modified" to tighten the gear ratio... so no telling how bad it is with the ones he got his hands on and is using for his prototype FF's...

  5. spaceflows

    I love gini, got a bunch of his rigs, but $65+ in shipping for something that weighs 2 pounds max is simply absurd.

  6. still you have that shabby HUCO gear box that has a huge backlash

    and as far as I can judge by the images above the marking disk is not beveled so that will probably get you in trouble seeing your focus marks correctly.

    - Sebastian

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Amused Observer - You can already verify what Gini rigs sell for by looking into his sales history on eBay. You can see his different auctions and what they sold for.

  8. Amused Observer

    Interesting to see what the reserve price might be ...
    with a $757 "buy it now" listing,

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