Sony CyberShot DSC-RX100 Digital Compact Camera

I was very impressed with Sony's HX9V and now I also own the HX20V. If you're not familiar with these little Sony cameras, they offer full 1080p @60fps, and the best image stabilization for a point and shoot. I guess I should have waited around, because this new RX100 looks to be the better camera. It shares some of the same features as the HX cameras, but now with a much larger sensor and an F/1.8 lens, the little point and shoot cam should perform quite well in low light situations.

I thought my new HX20V was already pretty good in dim lighting! It's still a few weeks out before the release date, and besides what you hear in the video review above, there's some additional specs at the product page via B&H (Click Here).

Sony RX100 Camera Review
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23 thoughts on “Sony CyberShot DSC-RX100 Digital Compact Camera

  1. ks

    why is everyone commenting on the recent model? I'm reading this site to gain info about the hx100v only to be confused with people sharing thoughts on the previous which is very confusing.

  2. jarrett towe

    If sony would put this IS and make it at the camera level, regardless of legacy lenses, into the NEX series, that would be ideal. IS would make the NEX perfect to me.

  3. J Hanna

    A 1.8 is awesome...until you zoom in. Then it is 4.9?
    Is that even a stop?
    Yes, much better than my s100 at 2 and 5.9... but it would be nice to get something a little faster at the longer length. Wide shots are epic but portraits in low light are brutal.
    How about a canon s105 with full manual movie mode and a 1.8-2.8 lens...I'd pay 650$ for that.
    you listening canon!!!!?

  4. Aries

    I'm with Henry

    I got my HX9V open box for $229.

    $650 is a lot for a point and shoot even with full manual control and a large sensor. It's like a pocketable T2i but you can't change the lens.

  5. jarrett towe

    I excel at hitting nails on the head, though its usually fingernails. Hook us up with the beta!

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @jarrett towe - Damn Jarrett you hit the nail on the head. I already have access to a working product specifically for that.... (ssshh).

  7. Mav

    Even at the current price point, I'd buy one as the HX9V is fantastic for family stuff. I hate bringing large cameras and flashes when with my kids and this camera has been great. I was thinking of the Canon G1X but betwen 720p and some other limitations, I think it was a poor move on their own part. The fact that this newer camera does raw and 60p, it's 1/3 less than the G1X and once initial reviews are out, I'll buy one.

  8. Matthew

    An external flash would be bigger than the camera itself. A built in radio trigger for off camera flashes would be interesting.

    But, this camera isn't about studio style shooting. It's about having a quick camera in your pocket with built in stabilization and low light capabilities so all you need is the camera. Leave the DSLR in the studio with the flashes, tripod, shoulder rig and other contraptions.

  9. jarrett towe

    Emm, use your machining and fabrication powers to come up with a pro solution for nd and filters!

  10. urban

    i own the HX9V
    one thing that is a dealbreaker for me is its sluggishness.
    slowest camera to boot, shutter lag especielly in video puts a huge damper on the great image quality.
    Burst mode is very poor.
    exposure lock would be on my wish list too.

  11. Matthew

    Okay, like everyone else I wish the lens started at 24mm and was $100 cheaper. That being said the HX9V is amazing and would be perfect with manual controls. This camera has that. Just take my money.

  12. Guy McLoughlin

    ...So how does this compare to the new Panasonic GF-5 camera?

    Other than having a zoom lens that starts with a fast 1.8 F-stop, but slows down to f/4.9 as you zoom, I don't see too many advantages here.

  13. jarrett towe

    I know its high, but...if its got the same IS as the hx9v, then you probably wont need a stabilizer if you add a P&C handle - so you can knock off $150 for a cheapie flycam. It looks like it has full manual controls for video as well. Remember that article a year ago...
    HX9V...Almost the perfect run and gun camera."? If this is an hx9v with full manual control and a 1.8 lens, dont forget the magnificent zoom, we are probably looking at the smallest footprint you can get for high quality video. As soon as i see the test videos, ill be boxing up all 50 of my lenses, gini rig, and flycam, and saying goodbye. This may be the documentary camera of choice. Hopefully we will know soon. Coulda used a mic input though. Oh well. Thats what a zoom h1 is made for!

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Matthew - LOL. I know what you mean. Same reason why I invest so much on smaller cameras. I still love taking pics and vids, but not so much about carrying excessive gear just on vacation. So far Sony's HX9V or HX20V has THE BEST panoramic feature, great image stabilization, and crazy zoom in a compact.

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @montego51 - You're right, it is a bit on the high side with price. On the small end I carry an S100, HX9V, HX20V, Sony NEX7. The NEX7 is ok, but it's not pocketable. I do shoot quite a bit on point and shoot cameras, and getting a pocketable camera with better low lighting has been a dream chase. Here's hoping that Sony will impress me with this one.

  16. Been really satisfied with my hx9v. The only downside for vid is no exposure lock, but not a deal breaker if you can plan shots. Also liked the panorama mode that I used a lot on a trip to the Southwest earlier this year.

    RX100 is too expensive for me. I have the GH2, and I'm trying to build a nice lens collection. Will probably get a GH3 body, as I'm pretty sure it is going to support 1080 60P.

  17. Joel

    "Auto Portrait Framing" ... reframes a poorly framed shot. My grandmother could have used this camera.

  18. I agree with Henry and ip337, the price is high for what we would use this for as well. But nice to see this step in this direction. I'm no expert in this area but it seems like a competitor to the Canon G1X? You get the full manual mode and a bigger sensor. No mention of shooting in raw or dng.

    I'm a fan of more cameras being put out there. Competition and innovation among camera manufacturers just helps us out with better and less expensive equipment.

  19. Matthew

    Will this be the best pocket camera?

    The S100 is half the price and a bit smaller. The HX9V is about the same price as the S100. The Fuji whatever isn't quite pocketable and more expensive. What else?

    I'm tempted to ditch the DSLR realm in my personal use. Going with a pocket camera and light gear is very inviting. There is plenty of heavy pro stuff at work. I would be more inclined to go out and shoot on weekends if it wasn't such a chore.

  20. iP337

    I was very excited about this camera! Then someone pointed out that with it's 20 Megapixels it still has a pixel pinch similar to the sensors in the 1/2" to 2/3" range :/ and while the BSI (Backside (/giggle) illumination) helps ISO noise it probably won't fix Airy Disk issues 🙁 So what's the point???

    Slightly shallower depth of field (which should be similar to the DoF of the GH2 in Extended Tele mode), making impractically large prints (12"x18"), or just being able to say "Mine is bigger on the inside" 😉

    But for $650, I draw the line at a 4/3" sensor with an un-diffracted f/2.8 100mm equivalent lens. Until then I'm happy with the $200 1/2" sensor in the HX9v 🙂

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