Cinevate FS100 Lens Adapter Rig


Cinevate's latest gear for the Sony FS100 blew me away when I saw it at NAB2012. I can't think of a better rig for the FS100. Not just a basic lens adapter to suit every lens that matters, but cheesed out and ready to build out with your rail system. Unfortunately i'm not a Sony FS100 owner, but maybe I can be swayed into the new FS700 when it drops, and hopefully Cinevate will have something like this ready for it.

Video Description:
The Sony FS100 Lens Adapter and Lens Mounts allow you to attach PL, OCT19, Nikon, Canon EOS, Canon FD, Minolta MD, Pentax K & Pentax M42 lenses to your camera.
We recently shot this piece demonstrating some of the shooting styles the rigs might lend to or some of the scenarios you could potentially use it in. We were really happy with the quality of footage we got from the various camera + lens combos.
The lens adapter rigs comes in 3 different flavours and during our June Specials sale we’re giving away the lens mounts. For the PL and OCT19 mounts we're offering 50% off.
You can check out all the rigs at

3 thoughts on “Cinevate FS100 Lens Adapter Rig

  1. Hey Guys,

    To answer your questions;

    Landon - We haven't got our hands on the FS700 just yet to test out but there should be a way to adapt this rig and lens adapter to both cameras. Hopefully we'll know for certain soon.

    Clay - We're updating the product information today, sorry for that oversight. The lens mounts are passive, meaning they don't communicate with the lens so manual aperture/focus lenses are required.


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