Sony RX100 Mark II 1080p HDMI Output

Sony RX100 Mark II RX100II RX100M2 RX100MII HDMI EVF External LCD

Quite ridiculous to see an external EVF on the new Sony RX100 Mark II, but with 1080p out at least you know playback to your televisions will look good right out of the camera. They finally got it right and placed the Micro HDMI port in a proper location (instead of underneath next to tripod mount).

I'm currently going through the wireless feature in which you can stream live view from the camera to your smart phone for remote viewing. You can remotely operate the shutter as well as (both) starting and stopping video mode. I can see this as a handy feature for those who need to place cameras in various angles while controlling them remotely.

There are a few things i'm not so impressed with the RX100 Mark II, but many of the newly added features has made it well worth upgrading. I should have a short video highlighting some of my new favorite features compared to the old RX100 up shortly.

RX100 Mark II
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14 thoughts on “Sony RX100 Mark II 1080p HDMI Output

  1. Robin

    I have this one camera for quite long time. Suddenly thought to try Youtube Live stream with this one. Anyone have any idea whether it has clean HDMI Out or not? i see a small hdmi port by my mac is not showing it as secondary camera. anyone tried it?

    kindly reply, it will be helpful. thanks.


  2. Emm

    Post author

    @D - You can see the feed, but the camera will time out. I would say for a small camera, the GoPro Hero3+ is better at HDMI output.

  3. D

    Do you know by chance if someone can do a live video feed from this camera wired (HDMI) or wireless? For example having a feed hooked into a projector?

    Thanks for your advice/expertise.


  4. Hi. I was wondering if the external monitor (via HDMI) stays on once you hit the video record button on the RX100 & RX100 Mark II.
    ...mine turns off when I hit the record button the HX9V.
    Would love to know. Thanks!

  5. Thanks Emm! Looks like a winner from where I sit. A couple of these and an audio recorder and you're off to the races for a lightweight travel setup.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Bob Krist - Image quality is said to have improved slightly, has better sensitivity in low lighting, but the real upgrade in video is 24p. This offers a nice cinematic framerate as opposed to the 60p that the RX100 was limited to. So far far better than the RX100.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Charles Mackenzie-Hill - Yeah timelapse would have been easy for them to add. The ND Filter is an easy fix with the MagFilter System. I was hoping the Wi-Fi would be a smoother experience. When the Wi-Fi is on, the camera is rendered useless and can only be controlled through the phone. Live view is pretty laggy, very limited, and takes too many steps to get everything turned on and off.

    In the end, to have Wi-Fi is better than not having it, but not quite the experience I was hoping for.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Ali V - This is a pretty expensive EVF and it should work fine with your Sony NEX 5 R. I like the small monitor that is easy to travel with, and it has a ton of information overlays to help with exposure and focus. I don't know if it's worth it for you, but it works with both HDMI and SDI inputs so I use it across many of my cameras and have rented it out at times.

  9. Ali V

    Hey Emm will this work with my Sony NEX 5R? I bought it as a toy to have with me but now have the speedbooster and some old nikon ais lenses on it and the video is unbeliveable. This would help though for monitoring purposes.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @eric - Yes it's showing all kinds of stuff. Even has focus peaking. Here's an old article on the EVF: httpss://

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