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Sony RX100 Mark II RX100II RX100M2 RX100MII HDMI EVF External LCD

Quite ridiculous to see an external EVF on the new Sony RX100 Mark II, but with 1080p out at least you know playback to your televisions will look good right out of the camera. They finally got it right and placed the Micro HDMI port in a proper location (instead of underneath next to tripod mount).

I'm currently going through the wireless feature in which you can stream live view from the camera to your smart phone for remote viewing. You can remotely operate the shutter as well as (both) starting and stopping video mode. I can see this as a handy feature for those who need to place cameras in various angles while controlling them remotely.

There are a few things i'm not so impressed with the RX100 Mark II, but many of the newly added features has made it well worth upgrading. I should have a short video highlighting some of my new favorite features compared to the old RX100 up shortly.

RX100 Mark II
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