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ND Filters are a must have for any DJI drone allowing you to set proper shutter speed for just the right amount of motion blur between frames. Some filters will help you get better color, contrast, and saturation. PolarPro has made a set of ND Filters available for the DJI Mavic Pro starting at $49.99 for a 3 pc Kit, and $99 for a 6 pc Kit (found here).

Learn-More-sm Polar Pro Filter Kits for DJI Mavic Pro Drone

There's no denying PolarPro makes awesome filters, and it's all about the quality of glass when you're trying to get the best image. But if the price of $49 and $99 is too steep for a Mavic Pro Drone, there are now filters showing up on eBay starting at $6 dollars for a 6 pc kit. I personally am willing to take a stab at the $6 dollar versions first and once they come in, i'll share some of those results. You can find a variety of Mavic Pro Filters popping up on eBay in the last few days (found here).

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This was a small response video to a YouTube comment suggesting I may have purposely dodged bumping the camera around because the MagFilter could easily fall off. I know that several magnets were used during prototyping and only quality magnets were chosen for the final product.

Also to clear other questions up, the metal ring on the camera 'is not magnetic'. It's just a thin metal ring that adheres to the front of the camera. The magnets are 'inside' of the Polarizer filter. Another thing to note is that magnets are completely safe to use around LCD screens and your SDHC or Compact Flash media cards.

Also, the two available sizes from the MagFilter System cover a wide range of cameras. If you're unsure about which filter will fit your camera, you can Download and Print a Template to test on your camera (here).
Download MagFilter System Template


Sorry for the long wait, but here is the official announcement about the new MagFilter System . This is the Polarizer i've been using with my Sony RX100 cameras. I was able to help with some ideas on this fast and simple filter solution that can be used with many of today's high end compact cameras, while leaving the camera virtually unaltered.

mag filter2

The MagFilter System uses strong magnets within the Aluminum filter body, and attaches to the front area of high end compact cameras systems with a very thin metal ring that adheres to the camera.

mag filter

Using high quality coated glass optics from Japan, the Polarizer is the first MagFilters that will be available this week. There are two different sizes that can support a variety of cameras. The 42mm MagFilter works on cameras like the Sony HX9V, HX10V, HX20V, HX30V, and of course the new Sony RX100.


The smaller 36mm MagFilter works on cameras like the Canon S95 and Canon S100. I've been testing the Polarizer for a few weeks, and it works to cut glare from reflective surfaces such as water, glass, leaves, and even helps retain information in the sky.


One thing I noticed is that the Sony RX100 seems to retain more details in the shadows when using the polarizer, possibly because it cuts down on those specular highlights in the scenery. With very bright highlights, the Sony RX100 will try to retain this by slightly underexposing. With the highlights being controlled in the scene, it seems like you can get a more balanced exposure - at least that's what i've experienced in some of my tests.

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Here's another video showing you how those new ND or CPL filters will work when in use with point and shoot cameras. Keep in mind that i'm still working with prototype versions, so end quality in design and glass will be much better. The ring i've attached to the Sony RX100 was originally designed for the smaller lens of the HX20V, but I was was able to use the filters without obstructing the widest focal length of the RX100. As soon as they become available, i'll let you know who you can purchase these from. For updates, please follow me on Twitter.

ND CPL filter Sony RX100ND CPL Filter RX100 Filter Point and Shoot

The RX100 so far has been a better replacement over many of the other cameras i've been using including the Canon S100, HX9V, or HX20V. Check out the RX100 over (click here).

Sony RX100 Camera
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A few days ago I posted about using Rubber Hoods as an inexpensive solution to shading your glass (as opposed to Matte Boxes). The LCW - Light Craft Workshop Digi Pro ND Filter starts with a 77mm thread and cones out to an 82mm thread. Since these ND filters can be pretty expensive, you can adapt one ND to several lenses by using cheap step up filter rings. The same idea goes for other filters like a CPL - Circular Polarizer. If you plan to do this, you want to make sure that you get the largest ND filter available to cover all your lenses. The one problem you'll run into is that you can no longer use the stock lens hood, so a cheap fix is to use these folding rubber lens hoods. Here's a look at how it all comes together.

When shopping for Step Up filters, make sure the first number is smaller than the second. There is such a thing as 'Step Down Filters' which you probably won't have much use for. Not sure about the thread size of your lens? Normally you'll find the information on the lens itself, but another tip is to look carefully for tiny numbers on the back of your Lens Cap. Rubber lens hoods can be for under $5 bucks (click here).

find-price-button Rubber Lens Hoods - via Amazon

Cheaper of course if you check on eBay

Folding Rubber Lens HoodFolding Rubber Lens Hood
find-price-button Folding Rubber Lens Hoods

I don't suggest stacking a step up on top of another step up. This could work in a pinch, but it will have a slimmer profile if you use just one. I'm using a 77mm LCW Digi Pro Variable ND filter, so to save myself the headache, I ended up purchasing (2) of every filter size up to 77mm. There's only about 7 common sizes to cover most DSLR lenses you'll come across from 49mm-77mm, 52mm-77mm, 55mm-77mm, 58mm-77mm, 62mm-77mm, 67mm-77mm, and 72mm-77mm.. Depending on the size of the ND or CPL you're trying to adapt to, you might want to do the same. For Step up filter rings, they run as low as $1 dollar + Free shipping.

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