Shade that ND – Cheap Folding Rubber Lens Hood

Once you've placed something on your lens like the new LCW Digi Pro Variable ND filter, which can start at 77mm and end in 82mm, you can no longer use the standard hood on your lens. Most likely you'll be using ND filters because you're outdoors on a bright day trying to cut down light. That same light could also cause lens flares and low contrast imaging.

To shade off that ND glass, an expensive and more cumbersome option of course is to have a Matte Box system on rails, or you can slap on a simple folding rubber lens hood. They can fold back when it's not needed or if it's in view of very wide angle lenses. Unlike the plastic lens hoods, these foldable rubber type hoods take up minimal space in a bag when packing. I had to grab myself one for the new LCW. Many are found for under $5 bucks (click here).

find-price-button Rubber Lens Hoods - via Amazon

Some of the larger versions are more expensive on Amazon, but here's a seller that has the large 82mm version (needed for the LCW) for about $5.00 dollars (click here)
Folding Rubber Lens HoodFolding Rubber Lens Hood
find-price-button Folding Rubber Lens Hoods - via eBay


5 thoughts on “Shade that ND – Cheap Folding Rubber Lens Hood

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  2. SkunkWorks

    I have a bunch of these. They cause vignetting on some of my lenses if I try to use filters with them because they either hold the filter too far away from the lens if you use the hood's filter threads, or the hood itself will vignette if you put it on after the filter. And that's with slim filters let alone any vari nd. But I need to clarify that this is when using same diameter filters and hoods as your lens size and at wider focal lengths like 18mm on a 1.6x crop camera. Might not be an issue with over-sized filters with adapters and the appropriate size hood to match.

    Can get 'em on ebay for 3 bucks with free shipping.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Daniel H. - Hmm good question, not sure. The hood does pull pack, i'll let you know when mine comes in.

  4. Daniel H.

    Hey Emm, I guess it's best to put the 77mm (steps up to 82mm) ND filter on the lens and then the 82mm rubber hood on the ND filter to make it easier to turn the ND? Can you put a 82mm lens cap on the ND while the lens hood is screwed on? Thanks!

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