MagFilter Threaded Ring Adapter for Point and Shoot Cameras

The next MagFilter to be released from Carry Speed is the MagFilter Threaded Ring Adapter. There is no glass on this MagFilter Threaded Adapter Ring. This adapter allows you to use the filters of your choice with your high end compact camera like the Sony RX100.

Right now three different adapters (choose one) are designed to support 52mm, 55mm, or 58mm filters such as a Polarizer or ND Filter. The product has been announced, and should be available soon from

MagFilter Threaded Ring Adapter

If you're quite sure what the MagFilter System is, check out this old article (Click Here).

29 thoughts on “MagFilter Threaded Ring Adapter for Point and Shoot Cameras

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Alice - Yes my ring is attached to the camera. The MagFilter can then connect through magnets built into the adapter.

  2. Alice

    Hello again, do you have to attach an adhesive ring to the g15 camera to have it work? Ive seen quit a few reviews who have had to attach an adhesive ring but it seems in your video that isn't the case. Just wondering as they had trouble with removing the adhesive mess when replacing the rings. Thank you.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Alice - Yes a 58mm would work on the G15. That is the size of the filter. The mount (behind the filter) is all the same size for the 52mm, 55mm, and 58mm.

  4. Alice

    What size should i get for a canon powershot g15? I saw in your other video that you use a magfilter threaded adapter which supports a 58mm filter but does that correlate to the size as well? Thank you in advance.

  5. Russell

    Do the threaded adapters come with a pouch like the magfilters? That would be handy for carrying the filter attached to the adapter, when it is not wanted on the camera.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Alex - The MagFilter is so far the best solution to add simple filters to these type of cameras. The magnets inside of the MagFilter adapter are very very strong.

  7. Alex

    I use on Sony RX100 Adapter ring Kiwi. Everything is good, only problems with a cover. The magnet does installation very simple and fast. Only on what weight it is calculated. It is possible to try to magnetize Kiwi. If it works, I will write.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Josh - The sensor on the R100 is huge, and the lens is huge so there is vignetting with the smaller MagFilters. The Canon camera has a much smaller sensor and smaller glass on the lens so it does not have the vignetting issue.

  9. Josh

    @Emm, Thank you for your quick response!
    The reason I ask about the larger adapter is because of your video:
    You say:
    "There is just SLIGHT vignetting around the edges in video mode (not too bad)"
    "You can also push in a little on your zoom (and not see so much of that vingneting )"
    also "probably not worth it for photos"

    I am going to pull the trigger on this (for video)
    I would buy 2 and see how each works, but that's getting expensive.
    Again, I don't want this to be any heavier than I can get away with, but if it possibly improves video, and maybe makes pictures more viable . . .

    Thanks for your reply!

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Josh - You should only be worried about vignetting at the widest angle. Yes a larger filter will prevent vignetting, but it also means more glass which adds weight, and more area to be reflective on a sunny day. If I remember correctly the 52mm was already more than enough to prevent vignetting at the widest angle.

  11. Josh

    I watched all of your related Youtube videos.
    I want to do this, but why did you choose 52mm?
    Carryspeed also offers 55mm and 58mm (perhaps 58mm is too large ..?)

    In your opinion, could I go with a larger size and thus larger lens?
    My thought is this could help with the edges, and perhaps better quality image.
    (or would the resulting lens be too heavy for the mount?)
    I'm really liking your website!

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Mario - You can remove the ring pretty easily. I use dental floss to remove adhesive items and the left over adhesive comes off clean. The magfilter can hold up standard sized filters well, but it's not a permanent solution so you can't throw the camera around too much.

  13. Mario

    seems like a really useful add for my much weight can the magnet keep? and what if i want to remove the whole thing (like for selling the camera or something like that..)? thanks in advance for your help.
    great work with your blog!

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Jugo - Watch this video at about 2:00 httpss://

  15. Jugo

    Hi,i just got my rx100 and wondering if anybody could explain in simple words how to connect filter using that Scotch..(whatever)..tape.Thanks.

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  17. Lee Mullen

    As Dean suggests, a quick release magnet based lens filtering system would be most welcome to the millions of photographers and video shooters. P&C, please consider this!

  18. Emm, you miscontrued what I was saying about my comment. By using the Scotch Restickable mounting tape, you can take the adapter off and place it back on as easily as a magnet. Or by using the step up ring, you can leave the adapter on your lens and then just screw your 49mm filter onto the lens. I would never leave a ND filter on my lens all the time.

  19. Dean

    I know these are marketed for small P&S cameras, but would they fit on lenses designed for a CSC like the GH2 or DSLRS? I always find it tedious trying to quickly screw on my FaderND. If not, think they'll eventually release an adapter for CSCs/DSLRS?

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @Bob Peak - That's a great idea, and one i'm sure many people will be using. It's a matter of preference. Still, there is a large audience that would still like to pocket their camera and filters aren't always required for every situation. You will lose stops of light with a CPL or ND filter if you leave it on the camera.

    A Magnetic type solution allows to you throw it on when needed, take it off when not needed. A threaded filter can quickly become cumbersome which is why even everyday DSLR shooters hate using them. Hoping to see this inexpensive solution for DSLR type lenses soon.

  21. I find the concept of using magnets to attach it to the front of the RX100 fascinating—especially since magnets won't stick to the front of the RX100 lens barrel.

    However, at $30, this is WAY overpriced. For about $2 you can get a 30.5mm to 49mm step-up ring. File off the back side (30.5mm) then use several little pieces of Scotch Restickable mounting tape, and voila, you have your own filter adapter. I made two for under $8.

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