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A teaser shot 100% on GoPro HD cameras, showing what can kind of 'bullet-time' effect can be accomplished with the worlds first GoPro HD Video array. Firing off dozens of networked still cameras in a single frame is a technical hurdle for most, so a more popular idea is to extract a single video frame from each video clip. This is a time consuming post process, which looks like how this project was pulled off. I can't be sure, but a similar project was done using DSLRs not too long ago. [Thanks Jason]


There's an on going debate between the GoProHD and ContourHD cameras. While the GoPro is having much success with it's recent sale price announcement (I know many of you swooped one up), some ContourHD fans might be happy to know there's a drop for this particular little POV cam. Normally running about $250 and then at times on sale for $199, ContourHD has even shaved off another $60 bucks from that sale price right now (full 1080p version). It's a cool little water resistant (not waterproof) camera if you're looking to start doing some bike helmet, car, or motorcycle mounting. If you want to go full waterproof, the optional case runs about $40 bucks, which is still keeps the overall total price under retail. Yes, it qualifies for Prime too which means free shipping and have it in two days (click here).

ContourHD POV HD Camera
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A very cool looking kit from Snake River Prototyping that adds a much needed flat lens to the GoPro HD. If you haven't done your research, the GoPro HD video will become soft underwater and things will look blurred out. With a flat lens on the housing, your video will retain it's sharpness and focus to infinity. I've been using the EyeOfMine housing which has vastly improved the videos during my snorkeling trip in Maui, but the SRP BlurFix not only looks better, but allows use of Filters. With an orange type filter under blue color cast waters, this will provide a better white balance and underwater images become more colorful.

I'll be putting the kit together and then later do some testing with a GoPro HD in standard housing, and another one with the SRP BlurFix kit. Stay tuned, but you You can find out more information about the Blurfix from Snake River Prototyping can be found at https://www.snakeriverprototyping.com/BlurFix.html

Instructional Assembly


Using the GoPro in odd ways. DIY suction mount to the hood of a car, on a monopod as a Golf Putter, and did you know it fits perfectly inside a Golf Hole? Playing with the Konova Camera Slider out on the course. Just total randomness and plain fun.

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Konova Slider
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contour HD video camera
find-price-button Contour HD Camera - Deal of the Day

There's no doubt Contour HD Video Cameras and the GoPro HD Video Cameras are head to head competition in the same action sports market. There's quite a few video comparisons with side by side footage you can catch online, and obviously pros and cons with each. Regardless of your choice, the Contour HD Video camera is Amazon's Deal of the Day giving Contour a slight edge in price (available in Prime shipping too). At least just for today...


GoPro-UFO UFO-Ring-Light-GoPro

Dave writes in and shares his DIY ring light mount for a GoPro HD Camera. Using the inexpensive UFO Camping light and an added handle it looks like it could be pretty effective. Pretty slick Dave, pretty slick. Gives me some ideas on taking something like this into the Las Vegas night clubs..LOL. [Thanks Dave]

find-price-button 48 LED UFO Camping Lights



Here's an interesting camera mount for the RC Helicopter hobbyist. This is being sold for the 'Camera Stand' only, but was designed to adapt to different small 450-500 sized helicopters. Images show cameras as small as the GoPro HD Hero up to small HD Camcorders. There's also a tilt mechanism shown in the listing, but i'm not sure how that ties in to the controls. Here's the link to the Camera Mount Stand: Camera Mount Stand for 450-500 Sized Helicopters

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I'm not at all experienced in RC Helicopters, but there are some over seas 450 sized helicopters ready to fly running for around $200 bucks that might be able to complete a fun GoPro flying rig. I've never flown an RC Heli, but I can imagine the damage it can cause to ones camera. For myself, I might be willing to practice on something as robust like a GoPro (those things have fallen from space and survived), but not sure if i'd ever have the huevos to fly a full Canon DSLR on a RC Helicopter. Fly at your own risk... Here's the link to the cheap 450 Sized Helicopters: RC Helicopter 450 Kit ready to Fly - Just needs Batteries

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Random post. This blog is sometimes used for me to keep tabs on the random things that run in my head. So while i'm out here in Maui on vacation i'm pretty sure i'll forget this little idea. Redrock Micro makes a cool handle that uses the hotshoe on top of the DSLR. For the Canon 5D Mark II & 7D, the hotshoe can be used with a handle, because the body is designed with a beefy magnesium frame. The cheap shoe mounts that I recently blogged about would make a great starting point for my new DIY top handle, and combined with the Double L bracket stabilizer Idea would make a complete lightweight solution that's easily broken down. It's so handy to have a top handle with your DSLR.

By the way, I've been using the Sima L brackets I received with my GoPro HD + Modified GoPro Underwater Housing by EyeOfMine together in the ocean. The Sima L bracket has nothing I can see that will be affected by the water, and I give it a decent rinse when i'm done. Definitely a great underwater stabilizer too. I've also been using the other one with my Canon SX210 IS, and it's like a match made in heaven. The Canon SX210 IS has built in optical stabilization and a crazy zoom. The extra handle off to the side gives me a more comfortable hold to take super steady video footage even in complete low light. I think i've used this Point and Shoot more than my other cameras on this trip, safe to say I overpacked.


PPP Painters Pole Photography GoPro HD 

That's me way down there. My camera is on a 10' pole and i'm holding it with one hand about 6 ft. off the ground. There's a rock cliff just a few feet away from me, but i'm having so much fun getting a different perspective of the Monterey bay i'm not thinking about anything else.

There's a bunch of different names for this type of photography. Common phrases would be Low Aerial, Pole Aerial, and I call it Painters Pole Photography. The most popular pole being used is the one I list Above from Amazon. It's made by Shur. This is an awesome plastic + aluminum pole that can extend from less than 3' to almost 10' with just one-click of a button. It's sturdy enough to mount my Canon 5D Mark II on top of it too! For that I have a wireless remote (not infrared) to fire off the shutter. I've modified it to use the Giottos Mini Ball Head for attaching the camera to the top and still have some tilting positions.

This was taken from a trip to Monterey for the Big Sur International Marathon ( I was supporting, not running ) just today. For this trip, I made sure to pack my Canon 5D Mark II, 100mm Macro lens, 24-70mm F/2.8, 50mm F/1.4, a 580 EX II, some wireless remotes, extra compact flash cards, and a whole bunch of other junk. Well guess what? I was having sooo much fun with the GoPro HD camera on my painters pole, I barely shot with 5DM2.

Below are a couple of snaps I took that shows the different perspective of Photography in Monterey. I simply set the GoPro to timelapse photography mode and let it snap away. I did shoot some video too, which i'll try to edit later. This is a setup I'll take with me everytime I do some hiking.

If you're using a Micro Four-Thirds type camera, a 550D / T2i, or other lightweight cameras that can be mounted to the top of a pole, this type of Photography is tons of fun. Just be prepared to get lots of attention, and get asked alot of questions. Might even be good for an overhead night club scene shooting in video mode with an LED light! Now we're talking...

Sample Video with Photos - Over Saturated in Sony Vegas

All images shot with the GoPro HD in TimeLapse Mode