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Summer is here, and the weather is looking good. Time to take to the air with a Quad copter. These little GAUI quad copters are creating quite a 'buzz' (pun intended). GAUI makes inexpensive quad rotor helicopters that can carry quite a bit of weight, which seems to be trending towards small cameras like the GoPro HD or Contour HD. Keep in mind that these Copters are not toys and are serious flying machines that you'll need to take great care and responsibility with (unless you're a seasoned RC flyer already).

3 AXIS Gimble Camera Mount Stabilizer

Tons of other companies are making some very cool aftermarket accessories. Looks like tons of fun. There's also several accessories for landing gears, camera mounts, pan / tilt setups, and 3 axis gimbals to help keep the camera's horizon level even though the copter might sway a bit. There's a whole slew of GAUI Copter related videos over at YouTube.com, and plenty of GAUI quad copters kits and accessories can be found for great prices via eBay.

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Here's an interesting camera mount for the RC Helicopter hobbyist. This is being sold for the 'Camera Stand' only, but was designed to adapt to different small 450-500 sized helicopters. Images show cameras as small as the GoPro HD Hero up to small HD Camcorders. There's also a tilt mechanism shown in the listing, but i'm not sure how that ties in to the controls. Here's the link to the Camera Mount Stand: Camera Mount Stand for 450-500 Sized Helicopters

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I'm not at all experienced in RC Helicopters, but there are some over seas 450 sized helicopters ready to fly running for around $200 bucks that might be able to complete a fun GoPro flying rig. I've never flown an RC Heli, but I can imagine the damage it can cause to ones camera. For myself, I might be willing to practice on something as robust like a GoPro (those things have fallen from space and survived), but not sure if i'd ever have the huevos to fly a full Canon DSLR on a RC Helicopter. Fly at your own risk... Here's the link to the cheap 450 Sized Helicopters: RC Helicopter 450 Kit ready to Fly - Just needs Batteries

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