GoPro HD Flat Lens Housing Test

Well the results are in, and i'm super impressed. As you know the GoPro HD camera doesn't focus well underwater due to a curved lens cover on the waterproof housing. Eye Of Mine provides modified 'Flat Lens' housings to correct this. I was able to get my hands on one of his Flat Lens housings, but I couldn't find the time in my busy schedule, so Waylon was kind enough to shoot some samples for me to use on this blog.

Wow, it's a big difference. So much of a difference, you wonder why you would ever go back to the old housing. The quality on YouTube has compressed the original video, but it's way sharper than stock. Waylon says he rates it at 50% better, but I personally feel it's at least 90%. I'm that impressed. Check out this diver video below using the Flat Lens modification (make sure to select the highest resolution on the YouTube player).

Sure it's no secret how it's done, grab a flat lens and hack your housing. But for something like this, and something at this price, you might be better off just having Eye Of Mine do it for you. More information about the GoPro HD Underwater Focus Fix can be found here. Thanks Eye Of Mine!

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