The ikan Fly Pack II

What is the ikan Fly Pack II? I seriously didn't even know there was a Fly Pack 1! In any case, the video looks pretty cool, and it's not too badly priced either. It's a kit with a cage, handle type stabilizer, cheese plates (mounting accessories), rods, tripod mount, and a cool backpack to hold even your DSLR. I like the assembly of items, it makes total sense. My question though is why didn't they space the handles further apart? We all know spacing your hands further apart makes for better stabilization. Well maybe they'll think about that in ikan Fly Pack 3. You can find pricing for the ikan Fly Pack II kit here.

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  1. Emm

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    I don't think it's too bad considering you get a very nice backpack , get a very nice monitor , portable powered battery pack for the monitor , a battery w/ Charger, a very handy DSLR cage , articulating arm, cheese plates, cold shoes, LCD Sun Hood, LCD case, 15mm Rod adapters, and 1 year warranty.

  2. Miker

    1495.... pretty steep for that setup though. For that money, there are quite a few options.

  3. All good questions! We shot Held Hostage with the Fly Pack II.

    It was almost all hand held on the Fly Pack II with the iKan HD monitor bolted to the top. It was pretty sturdy and easy to shoot with. You can see a photo on the 5th slide of there site.

    I liked this rig so much, we are about to buy a second one for more filming! The best part, is that its all modular and you can re-arrange the parts to change the "cage" and get your hand into all sorts of positions.

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