Sony NEX – First Person Shooter (Literally)

First of all the audio really sucks in this video (not the Sony NEX). I could have easily done a voice over dub, but you know, this is more my style. This review is straight raw, right to the point, no fancy video editing cover ups. The video was shot with my Canon SX210 IS point and shoot mounted to the back of this Sony NEX-3 to show how I navigate through the menus and click on the buttons. I wanted to show how fast the autofocus was and also how great the Panoramic feature on the Sony NEX is.

Thanks for everyone who's sending in links to reviews on this camera, but I personally don't find them relevant. This is not Sony's big camera. In fact, the big Alpha will be getting 1080 video soon enough. Look, I know this camera isn't up to par with a Canon 5D, 7D, or even a T2i, but that's not the point here. I really don't think Sony every wanted it to be. It's the smallest interchangeable lens camera available and that's where it shines. It's a lightweight (but feels solid), tiny, interchangeable lens camera. It's easy for anyone with no experience to shoot great images and video right out of the box.

I think Sony has a great market here. This camera really has some neat tricks i've never seen on any other camera before, especially one with an Interchangeable lens option. I really like the fact that Sony took on the SDHC format too. Sony is well known for being proprietary in all their equipment, but this time around, the SDHC card is the media format.

The con about this camera right now is the lack of accessories. There are only 2 lenses available to fit perfectly. You can get a special adapter to mount normal Alpha Lenses, but I think that defeats the purpose of the 'tiny / portable' feature we're looking for. I'll have more information on this camera when I get to sit down and mess with it a bit more, but I like what I see so far. Prices for the Sony NEX available here.

For this with an iPhone, check out the Panoramic App 'Video Panorama' which allows you to swing your iPhone sideways in Video mode, and stitches one long Panoramic image. It's pretty cool.

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  1. Kenswift

    That Panoramic mode is bad ass.. Id love to see that feature incorporated into more cameras.

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