Sony NEX-5 Shipped and Received

I'm not home just yet to play with this thing, but wifey grabbed a few snapshots via Sprint Evo (cellphone). I received the Black Sony NEX-5 with 16mm Lens, the unit is found here at Can't wait to run home and dig into the user manual. LOL, OK i'm lying..who reads manuals? I'm just going to push a bunch of buttons until I figure it out. Hopefully there's a factory reset somewhere...

For now check out a nice teaser video about the Sony NEX cameras.

3 thoughts on “Sony NEX-5 Shipped and Received

  1. im jealous! i was definitely looking into this camera for a good everyday camera that doesn't sacrifice the dslr quality. looking forward to a field report! [do let us know how the video is!]

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